“Aspect,” the new single from Hannah Palmer is a dancer’s heaven

Hannah Palmer shocked everyone when she launched her new track, “Aspect.” The song went on to become a huge hit on a variety of music charts. Hannah has established herself as one of the generation’s rising musical talents as a result of the song. Hannah has suddenly become the center of attention.

Hannah has worked as a model in a number of roles. Despite having worked as a model, she has just lately started a career as a musician. Since the genre’s inception, she has been listening to house music. This gives her the confidence to write songs since she knows her audience will enjoy them. It’s because of this that she’s able to compose songs like “Aspect.”

Rumor Records assisted in the creation of this song. The success of “Aspect” demonstrates that the two were made for one other. We can’t thank Rumor Records enough for their support for the creation of this incredible music.

Listen to Hannah’s “Aspect” and other music here:


Follow Hannah on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hannah_cpalmer

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