Deepen is Set to Release Their Highly-Anticipated Single, “Nectar”

Deepen is one of the fast-rising music talents taking over the industry. Born and raised in a musically gifted family, Deepenhas grew to ensure the legacy rocks on for generations to come. He is a uniquely gifted artist with a unique musical approach that is intriguing music enthusiasts across the divide. Deepen possesses great musical versatility and is never afraid to experiment with something outside his comfort zone. As a result, all his music projects always surprise the industry, as he brings something unique yet familiar but still refreshing.

With a couple of releases topping the charts, Deepen recently announced plans to release a new track. This is part of his growth strategy, which entails serving the industry with hits after hits, with the objective of his position in the game. Titled “Nectar,” this upcoming single will shake the industry, Deepen asserts.

“It’s a uniquely crafted piece of art that took me a couple of months to put together. I have invested numerous studio hours working closely with my producer to ensure success. Nectar is a love story-based song where I tell my love journey to inspire others to find their true loves. I have poured out my heart on the track so you better be on the look for its drop date in the coming years,” explains Deepen. 

Aside from the upcoming project, Deepen has also had a fascinating journey to the top. He is an independent artist who has worked his way to the mainstream with hard work, resilience, and determination. According to Deepen, coming from a musically gifted family fueled pressure on him to create his legacy. He wants to be viewed as a unique and different brand distinct from his family legacy.

Breaking through the mainstream was Deepen’s main challenge, especially in the game’s early days. He did not have a well-outlined path to follow, and he had to wonder for years before finally discovering himself musically. Deepen now has a unique sound that is identical even in the highly crowded industry.

True to his dream, Deepen has become one of the top up-and-coming artists and one of the promising talents to watch out for in the coming years. He has also established an extensive network with some of the top artists and producers in the industry. Such partnerships and networks have been essential in helping him propel his career. Incredibly, some of the artists he works with presently are big names in the industry among them, Sean Scully, Amy Silman among many others. He tactically learns and shapes his path by leveraging on some of their experiences.

For the future, Deepen is keen to grow and scale himself musically. He is also focused on working on a debut album after releasing his upcoming single. Deepen believes that it’s the right time to give the industry a taste of his complete versatility as an artist, and it’s only right he does it with an album. Please keep a close eye on Deepen’s musical journey as he prepares to drop his next release and other great tunes.

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