Express your desires with Mike Vazquez’s newest song, “Believer”

Mike Vazquez surprises everyone again with his new song “Believer.” It takes listeners on an Believe ride. Currently, it is trending all over the internet as the number of steams keeps going up. So, everyone’s attention is now on Mike. 

Mike is a talented musician who has a knack for producing catchy tracks and getting you in the mood for dancing. “Believer” is no exception since once you hear it, you can’t help but dance to it. 

“Believer” also makes it quite clear why Mike is different than others. The chill beats and unique melody that is a recurring theme throughout his work separate him from the rest of the pack. 

Rumor Records has gone all out in the production of his EP. Their hard work is paying off since all of the three songs in his EP: “Can’t Stop,” “Believer,” and “All Night,” is being streamed more and more every day. In addition, the production quality and mastering of the EP have been exceptional. 

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