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Harmonizing Innovation with Global Beats and Digital Vibes with Solveig Deason

From the quiet city of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada, to the bustling metropolis that is Los Angeles, Solveig Deason’s journey has been nothing short of spectacular. A recent graduate of Berklee College of Music with a double major in Music Business Management (Marketing Track) and Film Scoring, Solveig’s rapid ascent in the music industry speaks volumes of her talent and drive.

As a two-time provincial gold medal winner for Vocal Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), she has demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication. This early success laid the groundwork for a career characterized by both depth and breadth in the music world.

Her active participation with the Fireside Singers, contributing to 4–7 shows annually at prestigious venues like TCU Place in Saskatoon, underscores her integral role in enriching Saskatoon’s cultural landscape. These performances are a testament to her ability to connect with audiences and contribute meaningfully to the group’s success.

Solveig’s international experience, highlighted by her participation in a China tour with the League of Astonishing Strings, further exemplifies her global appeal and versatility. Performing at renowned venues like the Shanghai Oriental Art Center, she has shown an ability to transcend cultural and geographic boundaries, bringing her music to a global audience.

Her involvement with the Amati Strings, where she performed on instruments crafted by the historic Amati family, adds a layer of historical richness to her career. A notable performance of Vivaldi’s “Winter” at the Third Avenue United Church in Saskatoon with this group showcases her classical prowess and respect for musical heritage.

A significant milestone in Solveig’s career was her participation in the Contemporary Orchestra for the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy Coral concert at Boston Symphony Hall. Conducted by Grammy Award-winning Arnie Roth, this event placed Solveig at the heart of a monumental celebration of video game music, highlighting her adaptability and flair for the contemporary.

Beyond her musical talents, Solveig has made significant contributions to digital marketing and promotion within the music industry. Her strategic insights led to a 66% increase in the Instagram following for the Berklee A&R Group, showcasing her exceptional digital marketing skills. Her ability to successfully execute marketing plans for the WMN 2019 showcase and to promote artists and events effectively highlights her comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape.

During our conversation, we explored the strategies and philosophies that have fueled her success, shedding light on the fusion of creativity, analytics, and the beauty of music that shapes her work.

It’s great to have you here, Solveig! Performing at prestigious international venues like the Shanghai Oriental Art Center presents unique challenges and opportunities. Can you describe a moment during the tour that was particularly impactful for you, either professionally or personally?

The Shanghai Oriental Art Center was definitely my favorite venue we performed at on tour. A really impactful moment for me was when I first saw the venue. I remember walking up to the building and seeing how huge and beautiful it was and thinking “wow, I can’t believe I’m actually going to perform in there.” The performance hall inside is so beautiful as well, and being able to play to a packed room of people was a really memorable experience.

The transition from achieving national recognition to gaining international exposure is significant. What were some of the key lessons you learned about the music industry and yourself during this transition?

Being able to travel has always been a big goal of mine, and being able to do that through music is a real blessing. Performing music internationally has taught me so much, specifically through the people I’ve had the opportunity to meet. From playing in Flamenco in Valencia, Spain, to competing in classical piano competitions in Saskatchewan, to recording violin on pop songs in Los Angeles, I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many lovely people from around the world, and in return, learned so much about the culture and music industry of many countries.

Your ability to collaborate with leading music figures and contribute to cross-cultural exchanges is admirable. Can you share an experience from the tour that exemplifies these collaborations and what it taught you about the universality of music?

After each show, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with audience members. This was incredibly heartwarming as I met many young violinists from all over the country who were in training to be professional violinists! I also had the chance to visit a Chinese music school and hear students perform, which was a really wonderful way of learning about the musical culture and musical style in that area of the world.

Being part of the League of Astonishing Strings’ China tour must have been an incredible experience. How did interacting with musicians and audiences from different cultural backgrounds influence your approach to music and performance?

Being only thirteen, I had only been out of North America a couple times, so it was especially exciting to meet so many musicians and audience members from a country I had never been to before! I was lucky enough to meet many people and see locals perform, and I left the tour feeling very inspired by the Chinese musical culture and artistry.

Achieving international recognition is a dream for many artists. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians looking to make their mark on the global stage?

Consistency is key in music, whether that’s in practice, collaboration, or creating content to share with the world. Whatever you’re doing, make sure you are extremely consistent. For example, today’s industry is (some may say, unfortunately) extremely dependent on social media. If you are an artist wanting to put yourself out there, you will be much more successful if you post a performance video 3x/week consistently than if you post sporadically every once in a while. The algorithm will reward you, and you’ll have a much easier time building up a dedicated group of fans. As long as you are consistently working toward something, you’ll get there.

Your journey demonstrates a remarkable ability to transcend cultural boundaries through music. Looking forward, how do you hope to continue contributing to cross-cultural musical exchanges?

Since going on tour in China, I’ve met so many lovely people from so many different countries, with whom I continue to collaborate and create music with! Going forward, it’s a dream of mine to tour again on an even larger scale, playing violin for a pop artist.

Solveig Deason’s narrative is an inspiring testament to the profound impact of digital marketing in catapulting artists to center stage. Her adeptness at intertwining the craft of music with the tools of social media has crafted a road map for success that many will follow.

For those navigating the digital waters of the music industry, take a leaf out of Solveig’s book: attend to your unique presentation, be adaptable and authentic, and you might just make the next viral wave. Solveig Deason is a name carving her niche in the digital realm, one innovative campaign at a time.

Keep an eye and ear out for her next move, and if you’re an artist or organizer looking to amplify your presence, consider reaching out for a strategy that resonates.

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