How Colleen Bryne aka DJ Savanna Rey Balances Modeling & Music

Savanna Rey has grown her fan base online exponentially in the last couple year. With an impressive following on Instagram of over 1,300,000 people, she constantly catches peoples eyes, and raising eyebrows. While her looks are stunning, they are not the only thing that she has been showing off. Savanna is also a natural at making music, channeling her creative energy into DJing and releasing original music.

Setting the expectations high is something that Savanna has made her whole career to get her to the spot that she is today, and nothing is going to change as she takes on this new venture. She knows what she is capable of when she puts her mind to it and will not settle for anything less. Rey is no stranger to the music industry as she has been around it for quite some time. She’s done performances at multiple music festivals, including the Breakaway music festival in Columbus, Ohio. That’s not something that many young DJs can add to their resume, but that shows how tapped in that Savanna is.

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Image Taken From Savanaa Rey’s Instagram @savannareyy

As the year 2021 rolls around, Savanna is looking to further develop her resume by releasing a series of 12 songs, or 1 per month, to show off her DJ skills. This is quite the feat for someone this young that is already as busy as Savanna is, but there’s no doubt that she will accomplish great things. Only time will tell when it comes to Savanna’s music career, but don’t be surprised when she soars up the charts.

An inspiration for young kids is what Savanna is becoming in the online world. By taking two major industry of social media and music head-on, she’s showing that it is possible for anyone who works hard enough to achieve everything they want in life. Keep an eye out in 2021 for the young DJ to make an even bigger splash than she previously has.

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