Jake Paul Sued By Man Who Was Beaten At Nate Robinson Fight Celebration

Jake Paul has been trending all over the entertainment industries top news outlets for his knock-out win over Nate Robinson. The fight was one to remember to Jake, and one Nate Robinson probably wants to forget. After delivering brutal blows, Jake Paul finished off Nate Robinson with a solid glock right to the head. Memes about the fight and Nate’s KO have been circling all over Twitter.

While the fight was a success for Paul, not everything ended well. The infamous Youtuber and amateur boxer is being sued by Gabriel Dos Santos, who claims Paul’s crew beat him during an afterparty following his boxing win over Nate Robinson.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit says Paul’s team beat up Dos Santos as they kicked people out of the party. Dos Santos says he was punched and kicked repeatedly leading to detrimental injuries. Dos Santos’ friend recorded a video in the immediate aftermath and it certainly looks like someone beat him. Dos Santos reportedly is suffering a fractured cheek, cuts to his face, and a dislocated shoulder.

Although the lawsuit doesn’t mention Paul being involved in the fight, it does state that he is liable for the confrontation because he employed the security team that beat Dos Santos up.

There is no further information about the lawsuit at the moment. Make sure to stay up to date here for more info.

Jared Hagen
Jared Hagen
Jared Hagen is a writer for Lost Boy Entertainment Co. and an active college student in Madison, Wisconsin. When he is not working as an AV Technician, Hagen runs a music production company with his brother, Kaleb Hagen, titled Hagen Brothers. Hagen's focuses heavily involve music production and journalism.

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