Lift the mood of the house with Guillaume Rassemi’s new single “Lost”

The newest track by Guillaume Rassemi, “Lost” has exceeded the expectations of his listeners. The song  has truly put him in the spotlight earning him fame and recognition. 

“Lost” is a part of a three-song EP. The other two songs are “Where Am I” and “On the Go”. The EP has  been produced with much care. This becomes quite obvious once you listen to them. And the songs are  so catchy that you can’t stop listening once you play them. 

Guillaume is an artist full of musical talent. His skill for creating unique and catchy melodies makes him  stand out from all the other artists. “Lost” serves as a perfect example that showcases his musical  abilities. 

Guillaume Rassemi is all the craze in the music scene now. In the coming years, he will no doubt be a  rising star. With his talent and musical prowess, there is no doubt that he will go further in life and will  have success follow him everywhere.  

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