Meet The Entrepreneur: Samir Mhammed aka Sammy Craze, Founder of Verified Marketing

Sammy Craze is an entrepreneur hailing from London. With the wide range of business services he offers, his career at the moment is centered on digital marketing. His skill set for business and marketing has been polished over the last decade. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he is also highly involved in traveling the world and exploring the wonders of the world. 

Sammy Craze has always been interested in learning and found himself researching everything related to the new digital era. From there, he began gathering knowledge and started multiple mega marketing ventures, one landing him a passive income of up to a whopping 6 figures in revenue every single month.

Sammy Craze is now the founder and owner of Verified Marketing. Which is a digital marketing agency that is the leading provider of community-based media services for all of London. 

“Verified Marketing is your one stop all shop place, they provide top notch services at the cheapest prices in the market”, Said Mark O’neal, a prominent client of Verified Marketing 

Helping people has been Sammy’s passion from a young age. What “help” means has evolved over time, but the purpose has remained the same: Sammy prides himself on being the best in the industry and has established multiple successful partnerships with celebrities across the globe. His unique skill set helped his company grow from serving just three clients a month to over 850 as of 2022. Sammy Craze has a passion for the digital world and believes that in the next 5 years he will be elevating his agency to the top of its niche and close 8 figure deals by making more opportunities available for both himself and his clients. 

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