Akron Ohio Artist The Art Teacher Is Perfecting His Craft In The World of Music

When you think of Akron, Ohio, the first thing that pops into your head is Lebron James. But this independent artist, who goes by...

New Jersey Artist Dubwork Uses Latest Album “Up By 20” As A Steppingstone

From Harlem, New Jersey comes Dubwork, a unique and talented artist who is making moves to better his career. Being an independent artist, he...

Colton Graves’ “Smile For Me” Video Passes 100K Views On Youtube

A year after being released, Graves' visual for his song "Smile For Me" has garnered over 100 thousand views to this date.

Yoson Tala Drops “Count Me Out”

Making an aggressive come up out of the Midwest, Yoson Tala has been making moves in the music industry since his debut back in 2011.

UNOWAY Makes 2021 Debut With New Track “Tina Turner”

On “Tina Turner”, UNOWAY delivers clever flows, a precise use of autotune, and creative rhyme schemes.

Lil Kaycee And Trav Money Get Melodic On “Pick Up”

On “Pick Up”, Lil Kaycee delivers his all too familiar melodic vocals with lyrics about focusing on himself while chasing love.

Yunglo, A Rising Vocalist From St. Louis Ready For His Big Move

Yunglo, also known as “Lo,” is an R&B singer from the east side of St. Louis who has been working on setting up moves...

MPR Riche Rich Releases Visual For “Maintain/Used 2”

Detroit, Michigan based hip hop artist MPR Riche Rich dropped his visual for "Maintain/Used 2".

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