Peter John Anadio II Drops “Closer”

“Closer” is breaking records all over the internet right now. There is so single streaming platform that it has not yet hit. Everyone who’s anyone is talking about Peter and his music now. There is no doubt that this song has put Peter John Anadio II on the map.

His new EP, released in 2021, contains three songs: “Need You,” “Electric Feel,” and “Closer”. The songs were curated in a way to make them playable together. This becomes clear since once you play them, you just want to keep playing them over and over again.

Peter has made himself known for his ability to create unique melodies and sounds. This is clear in the song “Closer”. The song is catchy and once you listen to it you can’t get the tune out of your head even if you want to.

Peter is now trending on all social media platforms. Anyone who is familiar with house music is talking about Peter John Anadio II right now. We expect a great deal more from Peter in the coming years. The fans are eager to see what he has to offer in the future.

Listen to “Closer” here:

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