Speak Your Mind With Your Plugs Plug’s Single “Fell Like”

Your Plugs Plug has recently dropped his new single “Feel Like” and it has taken the internet by surprise. Fans are really amazed by the number of emotions conveyed through this song. Right now, it is trending all over the internet as more and more people are streaming it every day.

Being a newcomer to the music scene Your Plugs Plug is creating shockwaves across the industry. If you listen to one of his songs, there will be no doubt in your mind that he is someone you should carefully watch out for as he will set fire to the music scene with his music in the years to come.

“Feel Like” is a song that aims to quell your loneliness by lifting your spirits up. The song is sure to make you feel that no matter how lonely you get, there is always someone or something that exists to be by your side. The song “Feel Like” captures this emotion accurately.

If you’re looking for a track that can change things up for you, then you need not look further. Your Plugs Plug’s EP contains three songs: “Feel Like,” “Think About You,” and “Move Like You.” Each of the songs has gained a steady rise in popularity which is clear from the amount of time they are being streamed. Rumor Records has done a fantastic job in producing and mastering the songs. 

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