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The Three Things That Differentiate Between an Amateur and a Professional Musician, As Per Justine Jakobs

Justine Jakobs

Every aspiring musician dreams of making it big, amassing millions of fans and views, and becoming wealthy and famous enough to be sponsored by well-known brands. Not all of them, however, succeed.

Is it a lack of talent? Or is it because they do not work diligently enough? Or is it because no one has yet “discovered” them?

While it is true that only a small percentage of amateur musicians achieve fame, Justine Jakobs, a rising star in the music industry, believes there are several significant differences between how successful musicians build their careers and how amateur musicians attempt to do so.

According to her, an aspiring artist can be extraordinarily talented and possess incredible work discipline, but they are doomed to failure if they continually fall into the following pit traps.

Acceptance of Mediocrity in Lieu of Greatness

Justine Jakobs believes that the first step toward success is to expect greatness and that the most common reason for amateur musicians to remain amateurs is that they accept mediocre results in their music careers. Those who succeed frequently expect nothing less than greatness from themselves and those around them.

Being Surrounded by Pessimists

Justine’s second key to success is surrounding herself with people who share her passion and desire to succeed. Amateurs who remain amateurs frequently spend their golden years playing in bands with musicians who aren’t serious about reaching the pinnacle of success. They associate with pessimistic peers who act as a weight, dragging down their progress.

On the other hand, those who succeed surround themselves with people who are completely committed to success in the music industry and surround themselves with people who empower and inspire them to pursue their musical dreams. They avoid negative people who undermine their ambitions to pursue music as a career.

Attempting to Do Everything on Their Own

According to Justine, aspiring musicians frequently believe they can do everything on their own and rely on trial and error to navigate the path to stardom. According to her, this approach is one of the primary reasons why most people fail to break into the music industry, as professionals have dedicated teams of people who assist them in navigating the industry’s complex world. Becoming a full-time original artist is no easy feat, but Justine Jakobs demonstrates that it is possible with the right career choices. Justine is undoubtedly someone to watch, so keep an eye on her as she ascends to stardom via her Instagram profile.