3 Ways to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Biggest Goals, According to Eric Spofford

Successful entrepreneur and CEO of Spofford Enterprises, Eric Spofford, has achieved incredible goals while overcoming adversity in life. From being a homeless high school dropout addicted to drugs to running one of the largest addiction treatment businesses on the east coast and overseeing a mid 9 figure real estate portfolio, he’s proof that your current situation doesn’t have to be your final destination. Having pulled himself out of a bad place to make such great strides in life, he’s now sharing some of his tips on overcoming adversity to succeed.

Accept the Past and Be Proud of What You’ve Accomplished

Learn to accept the past for what it was and use it as a benchmark to see how far you’ve come. Eric Spofford says, “I’ve experienced many bad things in my lifetime. I was homeless, broke, and only had a handful of possessions to my name that I carried around with me in a trash bag. I like to accept where I’ve come from and know that going back would be the worst possible scenario for me. However, I’m a realist, so if that ever happened, I know that I would pick myself back up and start all over from scratch again, just like I did the first time. I would encourage others to adopt the same mindset because it leads to less stress and fear in the long run.”

Accept your past instead of ignoring it. When you recognize where you’ve come from and aren’t afraid to admit it, it’s easier to stay motivated and keep yourself from going back to those difficult times.

Don’t Let Failure Hold You Back

Some would say that failure is an indication that you’re not meant to do something in life. However, that isn’t true. Instead, failure plays an integral role in the overall success in life. “I always say that if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough to get further. You need to know that you’ll experience your fair share of highs and lows as an entrepreneur. You can expect to get knocked down on multiple occasions, but if you get right back up, shake it off, and work harder, you can make it,” says Spofford. “If you want to overcome adversity and become successful, change your mindset. Expect to fail, and learn to embrace it. Use the experiences as stepping stones to get even closer to reaching your goals.”

Work Hard for What You Want

Not everyone likes the idea of working long hours, but Eric believes it’s a must for anyone hoping to achieve significant goals. “I’ve noticed a pattern over the years. The harder I work, the luckier I become. I say it time and time again, but work ethic is everything. It’s gotten me to this point in life where I’m traveling, doing deals, and getting my name out there while building an amazing life for myself.”

Despite working long hours, Eric still makes time to create high-quality content designed to inspire and motivate others in life.

You can check out Eric’s content on his Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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