A Closer Look At Mario Judah’s New EP

Originally wanting to become a producer, not even an artist, Mario Judah has been taking the world by storm with his recent social media antics. Involving Playboi Carti’s long awaited album release, Judah decided to take matters into his own hands by dropping an EP with the same title, “Whole Lotta Red.” By stealing his well known album name it is clear that all he wants from this is for Carti’s album to be public.

Before Mario Judah became a known name in the music industry, he spent most of life living as a die-hard Playboi Carti fan. Running out of patience for his new album, he had a change of heart.

The EP dropped on December 18, 2020 after Carti once again promised the release of his album and failed to come through. With all of them being on his new project, Judah has dropped an impressive four ‘Carti songs’ since September 2020 and thoroughly expresses how he will continue with his releases, until the man himself drops his impending project. He has been trolling Carti on all social media platforms for the past couple of months, in hopes that his response will simply be an album release. Judah exclaims in one of his recent videos that he wants to stop making ‘Carti songs’ and go back to his ‘rockstar lifestyle.’

Following the release of his latest original song “Can’t Stop Me,” his first project is already doing numbers that his original material was not able to reach yet. Only just a couple of months ago, the music industry was blind to who Mario Judah was. The Atlanta born rapper started turning necks and making himself heard earlier this year, when his most popular single “Die Very Rough” took over all of social media platforms.

Abe Alberts
Abe Alberts
Abe Alberts is a musician, designer, journalist, and entrepreneur from Northern Wisconsin. Being involved in several different notable music and business circles, Alberts has developed a skill set that has helped him build a name for himself across the music, marketing, and PR industries. Co-founder of multiple businesses, including Loghaus Media, Alberts has been paving his way at just 22 years of age.

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