A Journey For Success In The Life Of Ebony Henry

Ebony Henry is a multiple six-figure entrepreneur with a passion for helping women discover empowerment and freedom through financial literacy so they can decide how they want to live and how they want to give.

Low Credit scores and low incomes can make it hard for many people to build successful side hustles or start on a journey of entrepreneurship. Ebony Henry is a credit expert and entrepreneur who helps people get their financial lives back on track, no matter what their finances looked like in the past. She tells us more about herself and her work in an exclusive interview.

Through the products and services that we provide, we helps people become more financially literate. So many people are completely oblivious about how to handle the basics when it comes to finances simply because this information is not taught in schools and many of us were not exposed to this type of information in our homes we grew up in. But they shouldn’t have to be ashamed of that! She is passionate about helping people break out of the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle to become self-sufficient and comfortable.

She worked in as a federal employee for several years and though she loved the job she just don’t like idea of exchanging her time for money. Ebony wanted financial freedom and time independence, which would allow her the opportunity to be more present for her family; this is what sparked her entrepreneurship journey full-time, and
she never looked back.

Now Ebony Henry wants to help people become financially literate so they can break free from their day to day grind build a true legacy for their families. She doesn’t think people should have to settle for a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle earning low wages. She wants to see people become self-sufficient and live more abundantly either through passive income or from side hustles.

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