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“Always a Work in Progress” – Natanya Wachtel on The Power of Transformation: How Anyone Can Become Their Ideal Self

What would it be like to shake off the limitations of self-doubt, take the risks you’ve been scared to take, and make the changes in your life that you’ve always dreamed of? It sounds like something straight out of a fantasy book, right? Well, here’s the thing: it’s not a far-fetched concept from a make-believe world— it’s the real deal.

That is the power of transformation that Dr. Natanya Wachtel, a seasoned behavioral scientist and wellness expert, fervently advocates for.

With over two decades of experience in the health and wellness industry, Dr. Natanya, of New Solutions Network, has made numerous contributions to mental healthcare, particularly through her work as a strategic advisor for The Chopra Foundation, Better Meal AI, and ViTel Health. She has also joined forces with her former colleague and technology pioneer Ivy Mahsciao, the Founder of, an EmpathyAI™-powered platform that offers contemporary solutions for the well-being of Gen Z. 

Recently, she was invited as a guest speaker on the “Amplify: RevolutionHER” podcast to discuss the magic of transformation and how it can help you reimagine your future self. Revolution Her, founded by Maria Locker, is a media organization with the mission of uplifting, empowering, and amplifying the voices of women worldwide. They advocate for global issues affecting women and provide impactful events, programs, and support resources within an inclusive and safe community of like-minded peers.

Dr. Natanya took this opportunity to share her journey of transformation, how it led her to where she is today, and what we can do as individuals to become our ideal selves.

We tend to think that the person we are today is the person we will always be,” Dr. Natanya quotes Dr. Daniel Gilbert while discussing the importance of transformation. “But we will change. Our personalities, skills, likes, and dislikes change over time – whether we are intentional about the change or not.”Being intentional about change is important, as it allows us to control it instead of letting outside forces dictate it.

Natanya shared her experiences with transformation and how it opened many doors for her and enabled her to become a better version of herself. “Beginning to make positive changes in oneself takes deliberate effort, and the transformation I sought for myself was twofold: taking charge of my health and wellbeing, and becoming comfortable in my new – and more public – role as an entrepreneur and advisor, with all of the public-facing work that entails,” said Natanya. “In both cases, I needed to make fundamental changes in my approach to embracing discomfort.”

The fear of leaving our comfort zones and trying something new is often our biggest challenge. For some people, the thought of transformation could be so disconcerting that they feel like running away from the change, big or small. To overcome this, Dr. Natanya suggested ways to get you out of your comfort zone and into your “growth zone.”

  1. Open Yourself to Change

One thing is for sure, changes are inevitable. That’s why it’s so important to open yourself to them and accept that they can be a positive force in your life. Embrace the fear of uncertainty as you take risks and make changes because only then will you be able to reach new heights.

  1. Build New Routines:

The power of habits and routines can’t be overstated. To transform your life, you need to cultivate new habits around your physical and mental well-being that will help you reach your goals. This could be something as small as drinking more water or reading a book daily, but it’ll have an immense impact in the long run.

  1. Practice Gratitude:

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can be the driving force behind your transformation. Appreciating what you have when making changes helps keep you motivated and in perspective.

  1. Develop your Network of Support:

No transformation journey is complete without a strong network of support. Your friends, family, and mentors can be an invaluable source of guidance in times of need and doubt. Develop relationships with people who will support, challenge, and encourage your growth.

Ultimately, Dr. Natanya left us with an important message: “We are all works in progress – don’t be afraid to take the plunge and start embracing transformation.”  She believes that with deliberate effort, one can become their ideal self by following a few simple steps and staying true to oneself. She hopes that we all find courage in this message and embark on our transformation journey.

Listen to the complete episode here, and follow Dr. Natanya Wachtel on YouTube or LinkedIn for more valuable insights.

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