Bryant Molina Talks New Book Titled Professionally Popular

World traveler turned book author, Bryant Molina, popularly known as Bryant Goodlife, is taking his worldly travels and plastering them on the pages of his soon-to-be-released book titled, Professionally Popular

Before Molina became the popular, well-known, and well-liked man he is today, he was a shy guy from Los Angeles who set off, by himself, on a backpacking journey around the world. With no plans in his pocket and no dreams in his head, he set out on a mission to get to know the world and came out the other end with the world getting to know him. 

Immersing himself in the unknown, his travels would see him eventually become Bryant Goodlife, a popular individual surrounded by the creme de la creme of entrepreneurs and creatives, and the most interesting individuals from all parts of the world. 

With Every New Friend And Selfless Act, His Popularity Rose

While pretty much new to every location or city he visited, Bryant Molina embraced every person he met along the way. Deemed a talent, Bryant Molina’s ability to enter a place as a stranger and leave as a friend is admirable. Notably, his visit to Croatia saw him level up his popularity, with his departure seeing him recognized by the locals as the Captain of Hvar – a name attained through Molina’s visits to popular places on the island and his memorable appearance on prosieben, a German television airing which captured an island party which Molina attended. 

From Island Life To Desert Visits; Southeast Asia To Bali

His travels to Egypt, in a time of riots and civil unrest, saw him meeting new people, with more interesting encounters and personal bonds forged. Following this, Molina headed to South Africa and lived with Dutch kite surfers. Together, they all organized and participated in the Red Bull King Of The Air competition. A competition which would see Molina noticed, befriended, and remembered. Southeast Asia and Bali would then see Molina become a regular at the coolest hotspots, and better yet, making connections as well as a music video for Sony Music Germany. In Barcelona, he quickly fell into the nightlife scene and connected with artist Mark Rios, aka Mr. Dripping. 

From Books To Art, Stories Told In Creative Form

Ask Molina questions about a country and he’ll tell you the most interesting stories. Stories which are now recorded in written form in his first book, Professionally Popular. Now, Molina is currently making waves in the art scene brokering, collecting, and curating artwork for well-known artists who are looking to tell their stories. You can see him working with Mr. Dripping a.k.a Mark Rios, Charles Soto, Shiplinton, and many more. 

Bringing more stories to global audiences, Molina is currently finding new and undiscovered artists who have a lot of potential and interesting stories to tell. With that, Molina is also digging into the NFT space with efforts to release new digital art pieces. Follow his pursuits and the release of his new book  Professionally Popular on May 30th on his Instagram and Website.

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