Carol Collins Seeks to Heal and Help Her Clients With the Power of Jeshua

Carol Collins is a trance channel who uses her extraordinary abilities to spread healing and positivity to those around her. She is able to act as a light trance channel for the Jeshua Collective, which is a guide and nonphysical teacher that is able to teach and heal.

After discovering her ability to act as a light trance channel, she began her practice and decided to spread her gift through classes, lectures, readings, and Source Healing sessions.

The most common way that she is able to heal via the Jeshua Collective is through her readings and attunements. These individual sessions are straightforward and accurate readings complete with structured Guidance from Jeshua, all tailored to an individual’s specific needs, wants, and questions.

Discussing her readings, she notes, “ I am often asked what it is like to receive a channeled reading. I simply say – RELIEF!  There is so much validation and accuracy and soothing and comfort that comes through in a single session. My clients are always thankful and walk away with a sense of calm and an action plan in hand to continue on their path or to change what they are currently manifesting.”

One of the many things that benefits Collins as a channeler is that the element of uncertainty or unclear interpretation that can sometimes be found with spirit guidance is not present, since the Jeshua Collective is able to speak through her directly, with no interference.

She proclaims, “Channeled readings are two-way conversations that you are having with Source. Jeshua answers your questions with pinpointed accuracy. Guidance flows through me in a way that is clear, direct, accurate.”

One of the many benefits to receiving structured guidance is the fact that it teaches individuals skills they can use outside of readings in order to avoid negative thoughts or situations. Using self-healing techniques like retraining thoughts and emotional responses and using Directed Energy Within techniques can transform the way her clients are able to navigate the world.

With her practice, she hopes to help all of her clients find a life full of abundance and that they feel more healed and reassured after communicating with Jeshua. For clients that come back on a regular basis, they are able to get updated guidance and Chakra alignments, both of which help them to be constantly progressing in their individual lives.

To help others live an improved life, Collins offers many different types of services and events, ensuring that clients can connect with this part of themselves through the method that they find most fitting.

Now, Collins has created the Jeshua Center for Intuitive Studies, where Source uses Collins as a channel to educate clients on The Essential Material. This is composed of The Foundational Material, The Law of Personal Reality, The Art of Self-Healing, and Unfoldment Into Channeling and Intuitive Development.

Additionally, she holds “Unfoldment Into Channeling” sessions as a weekly 90-minute class on Monday evenings via Zoom. This class is designed to increase individuals’ abilities to receive messages with an improved accuracy on what their guide is conveying to them. On Thursdays, she hosts the  “A Course In Miracles” study group, which focuses on how to live the life you designed for yourself free of any limitations or burdens.

This fall, she will be hosting “The Powerfulness of Source Energy” two-day live workshops in Orlando (September 10th-11th), Boston (October 8th-9th), and Anaheim (November 5th-6th). During these workshops, attendees will be equipped with knowledge and practices that will allow them to embark on a journey of self-healing.

For anyone interested in an immersive three-day long retreat, The I AM retreat that Carol will be hosting in Pittsburgh this September helps to do away with unwanted habits, unconscious beliefs, and painful memories that are in the way of achieving the life purpose your Higher Self has intended for you.

For more information on Collins’ practices and to register for a session or retreat, visit

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