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Eddie Cee-Vo & Torry WordSSmith Join Forces For “Da Weekend” Single

Eddie Cee-Vo & Torry WordSSmith Join Forces For “Da Weekend” SinglEddie Cee-Vo & Torry WordSSmith Join Forces For “Da Weekend” Single

Chicago’s Very Own Eddie Cee-Vo returns to the music scene with the highly anticipated “Da Weekend” single and music video. Featuring fellow Chicago emcee Torry WordSSmith, this release serves as Eddie Cee-Vo’s first major release of the year. Produced by B-Ware and Rudy Clay Jr., this release is a breath of fresh air making it an immediate summer anthem. Infusing his Midwest influence over original, ear popping lyrics, easily makes this Cee-Vo’s most prolific release to date. He does an amazing job of showcasing his raw storytelling abilities in a sonically pleasing manner that allows listeners all over the world to indulge and relate to “Da Weekend”.

Inspired by a true event that happened in Cee-Vo’s life, he decided that putting his pain, and frustration into song was the best way to heal from the situation. In 2021 Cee-Vo worked as a supply manager for a nursing facility in Chicago. When his then boss took a new position, a nursing consultant was promoted, starting the beginning of his problems. As soon as she found out he was friends with a nurse she didn’t like, she demoted him back to a CNA and started harassing him. After several complaints and rude treatment, Cee-Vo grew frustrated. As a result, his brother advised him to write out his frustration, leading to the creation of “F**k My Boss”.

Fast forward to 2024, Eddie Cee-Vo was going through his shoe box full of songs, and came across fuck my boss. His producer B-Ware gave him a track to write to, leading to him recruiting fellow emcee Torry WordSSmith. With their divine connection, he renamed the song to “Da Weekend” (F**k My Boss) and this is what the world gets to enjoy everyday.

WordSSmith’s lethal lyricism mixed with Cee-Vo’s superb storytelling and raw creativity, makes this single a must listen. In the video, you will see the pair rapping and turning up while letting their boss know that her shenanigans will not stop them from having a good time.

Shot inside an auto body shop as Cee-Vo and WordSSmith imitate mechanics, you get a better understanding of how this song relates to the everyday person in America fed up with poor treatment from their bosses. With over 20 million views on social media, and over 20,000 streams on all major digital streaming platforms, Eddie Cee-Vo is shaking up the music industry one hit at a time.

Stream “Da Weekend” Single below.

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