How 17-year-old Serial Entrepreneur Kev King, Built A Billion-Dollar Company

One intriguing thing about Serial entrepreneurs is how smoothly and skillfully they turn creative ideas into flourishing business projects. They are also shrewd at product lifecycles and transitioning between businesses; sometimes, they do this by selling off a prosperous business and putting the revenues into a new startup. All serial entrepreneurs have similar features – they have unquenchable interest and tactical relations, are driven to scale, are excellent time managers, and always know when to move on to other aspects of the business as the situation demands. However, to be a successful serial entrepreneur, you should also be unique, self-reliant, and sufficient, have a high pain threshold, desire to keep transforming, and not make money a priority. It would also help to distinguish how different business industries function to prevent failure.

Kev Kouyoumjian, aka Kev King, is a young and wealthy serial entrepreneur making a mark among the millennials. He has solely worked his way to the top and achieved so much at a young age. Kev King owns two private jets and is the founder and CEO of two companies; World Tech Toys and Glow Beverages. In 2018, American rapper – Travis Scott hired one of Kev King’s jets for use in his Astroworld album. Moreover, the mogul has worked with an American media personality, socialite, model, and businesswoman – Kylie Jenner, on promotions for his toy company.

Kev King has relentlessly worked his way up to become one of the leading self-made billionaires. He hailed from a humble background where things were not easy growing up. However, he was so determined to give his family a better life, thus he started working at a young age to support his struggling parents to provide food and shelter for his family. Kev King touches on challenges he had balancing education and work. However, he is always grateful that despite the hardships, he managed to finish high school.

Kev King has always been passionate about entrepreneurship since the get-go. Thus, he decided not to enroll in college but rather to try a hand at his passion. The 17-year-old resorted to creating toys and solely developed the skill. He also implemented that idea in a company, and the business went well to his luck. Thus far, World Tech Toys is a world-renowned company that creates innovative toys for children, putting a smile on their faces, including the less fortunate ones. Kev King earned billions in revenue from the company, and his family’s financial situation drastically turned around. He lives a fulfilled life and mostly derives satisfaction from the fact that his hard work, persistence, determination, and confidence paid off. His childhood dream eventually turned into a reality.

The young innovator also owns a beverages brand, Glow Beverages, which offers healthy sparkling hydration to support a healthy mind and body. Each beverage has a considerate blend of vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, amino acids, and electrolytes – an ideal combination of ingredients that works to help detoxify the body, support liver health, and boost mood and immunity. The beverages come in two formulas; hydration and hydration plus energy. They are natural, delicious, low-calorie, and safe for kids. Unarguably, his journey to the top wasn’t a walk in the park; nevertheless, he is happy that the challenges molded him into the person he is today. He urges everyone to work hard and do things the right way to succeed in all their endeavors. “A few years from now, I see Glow Beverages becoming one of the world’s biggest drinks brands,” asserts Kev King.

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