How Entrepreneur Roddy Hanson turned his love for Mushrooms into a world changing product

For thousands of years, adaptogen mushrooms have been used by ancient civilizations to combat illness, boost immunity, enhance cognition, and increase physical endurance. Meet Roddy Hanson, a disruptive entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, who is optimizing the utilization of mushrooms in modern day society.

Lion’s Mane, one of the main ingredients in both Shroomy and Root Strength, has been studied and shown to increase cerebral functioning and memory, in some cases even reversing early signs of alzheimers and dementia. It can strengthen and create new neural pathways in your brain, which in Hanson’s words, is a key component to overcoming any mental or physical challenge. “A strong mind is a core element of a strong body. When the mind is stimulated and engaged during physical activity, the body is free to discover more fluid and functional movement and range of motion.” 

Cordyceps, another adaptogen mushroom found in both products, has the ability to increase the body’s level of ATP production. ATP is a molecule that’s responsible for distributing energy to the muscles and lungs during physical exertion. With more ATP being produced, the body distributes oxygen and energy to the lungs and muscles more efficiently, which can increase stamina and endurance. 

Along with business partner and long time best friend Matthew Callans, Hanson launched Shroomy in mid 2020. Shroomy is the world’s first adaptogenic mushroom gummy. With a potent blend of 300mg of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi, Shroomy offers consumers the ability to get their daily dose of mushroom superfoods in one delicious gummy. 

Not long after, the duo launched their second functional mushroom product in 2021, Root Strength. Root Strength is a delicious adaptogen blend that can be used as either a coffee replacement or pre workout, just add water or almond milk (hot or cold). Root Strength pairs functional mushrooms with BCAAs and caffeine to give consumers long lasting smooth energy throughout the day. In a pre workout market saturated with over-caffeination and synthetic ingredients, Root Strength offers consumers a natural option to boost energy and focus. 

Both products can be bought on their website The brands have created significant buzz since their launch, and are set up to have a massive year in 2022. 

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