It is my pleasure to host author Dr. Denise Gotautis on my blog today. Her book The Metaphysical G-d in Relation to His Creation is available for purchase now.

What made you pen down The Metaphysical G-d in Relation to His Creation?

My inspiration for writing this book was because of the hurt I am seeing on every societal level, the divisions and hurt of people around the world. People are hurting and going around searching for empty unfulfilling things that keep them unfulfilled and wanting. Leaving a void of despair in them, there is a desperation of people wanting to be loved to fill that void, but having no knowledge of how to attain it. That is why there are so many divisions, they do not realize the true beauty that lies within themselves and others around them. Many people feel they must fight and hurt others to get ahead or to even attain their dreams and inspirations. It is a popular belief among many that good guys finish last, and it is a dog-eat-dog world, every man or woman for themselves forget the feelings of others around them. These things have always been a worldly motto; but these beliefs have not brought any peace to anyone’s psyche. I wrote this book to let everyone know, that this is the wrong approach to healing yourself and the world. We must learn to get out of self and look beyond ourselves to find the answers to the problems around us. We all need to stop and take a moment to focus away from ourselves and observe the ways of the one who created us. He is the Metaphysical G-d I am speaking of all powerful, all-knowing omnipresent Creator. The ways of a creator is not destruction of his creation but quite the opposite of everyone’s understanding, his way is love and hope there is truth and beauty in this, if we all can grasp this and understand this. The Creators goal is to create not destroy. Somewhere along the way we all forgot this, we got off track. In this book I emphasize each person’s true value and importance to the creator and us his creation. But I also emphasize the need for each person to play a part in healing themselves and in the process, they heal others, through the acknowledgment of something greater than themselves. The creator knows more about us then we know about ourselves when we understand this and grasp this we can trust and embrace our purpose. Everyone can play a vital role in making the world better than sitting on the sidelines by practicing simple unselfish acts of love and kindness. We accomplish this by treating others the way we would like to be treated. I talk about how they can do this in the book.

What is the book about?

The book is about Tikkun Olam a Jewish term in relation to healing the world making the world better it is about understanding who you and I are as people on a huge creation dimensionally and extradimensional. It is a book to help people understand who they are in relation to an all-powerful G-d and how important they are.

What genre would you categorize it in?

I have a few Categories it can be placed in LOL Self Help, Inspirational, religion, spirituality, and new age. This is a book for everyone.


How long did it take you to write the book?

This book has been on my mind for 1 year the thought of it before that seeing all of the pain and suffering in our world is a great concern to me especially while I was in the United States before moving to Israel the divisions and hate grieved me greatly, in my heart I wanted to make a difference I know that this grieved our creator and I wanted to help in some way so this is how this book came into being.

Have you always wanted to be a Writer?

I never planned to be a writer; it was not my strongest gifts. My inspiration for writing is to help others to stop hurting problems can be solved easier than anyone could ever imagine.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am enjoying hosting a podcast on blog talk radio called Arielle’s Torah Talk. This can be seen on rumble, YouTube, daily motions, and twitter under my usernames I am expanding it. Arielle in fact is my Jewish name. I love giving majority of my time in prayer and spending time studying my Torah (Bible) and getting to know the Loving G-d that created us I adore him. It is my belief that I was put on the earth to be a blessing to others and that is what I am trying to be we have an awesome creator and I want to imitate him he is love in the highest form, In my spare time I want to help teach the world to do that. With love there is blessings and there is Creation not destruction. I love giving people hope not hopelessness. In any way possible in my spare time, I love blessing and helping as many people as possible that I can help even if it is a simple kind and encouraging word. It makes my time worthwhile.

Are there any new projects underway?

I am working on developing a webpage to help people overcome their life challenges. I am a licensed Psychotherapist Through the CTAA with along with Dr. Mary Wells, I am a Metaphysician I am aiming for people to understand the beyond physical things of life and our creator. I love painting but never went to art school I am working on having an art gallery in Israel once I attain the residential visa I am still waiting for. I also have weekly podcasts on blog talk radio called Arielle’s Torah Talk where me and a co host friend speak on current events how it relates to everyone. Another project I participate in is every month I am a guest on Root and Branch fellowship With Mr. Lowell Gallen and my good friend, Mr. Tzvi Livshits who hosts this on Rumble, he is the chair of The Nation of Israel program seen on a number of social media sites like Facebook, rumble, YouTube, etc. and a good friend of the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and his brother Frank Zelenko who is a good friend of mine as well. I wanted to mention this because they inspired me other than G-d, to help others by, taking part and helping others, may Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s legacy live on through those who love him.

I am honored to be connected to awesome people, who saved millions of lives through the work that they have done during the covid 19 disaster. I caught covid before coming to Israel and one thing that really touched me was the fact Frank Zelenko the brother of Vladimir Zelenko stayed on the phone with me when I was sick and made sure I had the proper medicines to help me through my illness within 3 days I was totally better but what I got from this experience was they truly cared about me and millions of others showing true Tikkun Olam. Tzvi Livshits also the friend of the Zelenko’s was and is to this day as well as Frank Zelenko is a true inspiration for me writing the book because of his care for others unselfishly, by getting the word out there on his program The Nation of Israel. no, I am not a writer but when people do selfless acts for others, we should pass the care along. Dr Vladimir Zelenko inspired his brother and his friend Tzvi Livshits, and in turned inspired me, to give what I must to make a difference in the world if I can. This is what I learned through my inspiration for this book I hope my actions of good speak louder to my creator, in my total love for him by healing the world in the actions I have taken. We should never give the devil credit for Something G-d created. That credit is Tikkun Olam (healing the world). Everyone should know that destruction and devils can never heal a world. Only the true Creator can. He can do it through each of us. We fit perfectly into the puzzle piece of creation without us Creation would be nothing. This Is my life project that I share with the world.

Dr. (Arielle) also known as Dr. Denise Gotautis PHD, THB.

A Jewish convert to Judaism holds a doctorate in Metaphysics and Philosophy through Esoteric Interfaith Seminary through the state of Arizona She also holds a religious THB from a formerly known Seminary Catch the flame of Santa Ana, California, mostly before her conversion. She is a licensed Psychotherapist through the CTAA with Dr. Mary Wells. She holds a Naturopathic doctor diploma. She also worked in the medical field as a Emergency room technician, Emergency Medical Technician, Medical Assistant, Certified nursing Assistant and Caregiver. Also, she served as a Chaplain. She earned a Certificate from WHO for antibiotic treatment protocol. She is a Singer former recording artist with an album. Floor director and Chaplain. She served recently as a committee member the only female of 5 members With the African American Jewish Friendship group of Madison, Wisconsin. She is also the former owner of a 501c3 Charity that was in Janesville, Wisconsin. She often remembers her conversations with Rosa Parks sitting with her in her High School years while being apart of The Martin Luther King Jr. Committee at Crenshaw High School of Los Angeles, California. She was born in a small town in Kansas, that is called Liberal and grew up in South Central Los Angeles. Her Grandmother told her of her Jewish roots before her death this led her on a journey. She is the Host of Arielle’s Torah Talk on Blog talk radio, Facebook, and YouTube her programs cover popular topics and current events of how it affects Modern Judaism and society.

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