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Jaime Malia: An Artistic Journey Rooted in Heritage and Heart

Jaime Malia, a Filipino American singer-songwriter, is an artist whose music transcends genres and delves deeply into personal experiences. Born and raised in O’ahu, Hawai’i, she draws inspiration from her rich cultural background and the heartfelt support of her family. Her songs reflect the highs and lows of life, from love to heartbreak, aiming to resonate with listeners who have walked similar paths.

From Humble Beginnings to Musical Aspirations

Jaime Malia’s musical journey began in her childhood, surrounded by a family that celebrated music at every gathering. “My family has gotten me to where I am today. I get their love and support through all the good and the bad,” she says. Growing up in a culturally vibrant environment, where both Filipino traditions and Hawaiian influences thrive, music was an inevitable part of her life. She started singing at the tender age of four and ventured into songwriting six years later.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Independence

One of the most significant challenges Jaime faced was leaving her home and family. This experience, though difficult, fueled her independence and determination. Now an independent artist, Jaime navigates the competitive music industry on her own terms. “The challenge is how can I stand out? What can I do different so I wouldn’t just sound like any other artist?” she reflects.

Inspirations and Influences

Jaime’s music is profoundly inspired by her grandfather, who had his own band and shared his love for music with her. “He would sing and play the ukulele with me,” she fondly recalls. This familial influence, combined with her life experiences, shapes the authentic and relatable nature of her songs.

Music with a Message

Through her music, Jaime Malia aims to connect with people on a personal level. “I want people to know that no matter what they go through, whether it’s heartbreak or maybe even a crazy talking stage, that there are other people who have gone through that too,” she explains. Her debut single, “Crazy,” is a testament to this mission, showcasing her ability to turn personal stories into universally relatable art.

Looking Ahead

While Jaime doesn’t have any new music set for immediate release, she is continually working towards it. Her next song, “Non-Existent Love,” explores the theme of a lost potential romance, adding to her repertoire of deeply emotional and honest storytelling. “Right now, my greatest achievement is the release of my debut single ‘Crazy.’ It’s hard to even have the courage to share this type of art with the world, so I’m very proud of it,” she shares.


Daily Life and Future Aspirations

Balancing her time between performing arts classes, socializing with friends, and working as a server, Jaime exemplifies dedication and perseverance. Despite her busy schedule, she remains focused on her music career. When asked about an artist she dreams of collaborating with, she mentions Katherine Li, aligning with her musical style, though she also admires Bruno Mars.


Jaime Malia’s journey is a blend of cultural richness, personal trials, and artistic ambition. As she continues to write and perform, her music serves as a beacon for those who find solace and connection in shared experiences. Follow her journey on Spotify and Instagram, and stay tuned for more heartfelt music from this rising artist.



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