Jennifer Carrasco has Fueled Herself to Success and is Now Teaching Others to Do the Same

Jennifer Carrasco possesses something many other people trying to make their way as an entrepreneur in this world do not. “I knew exactly where my life was going. Driven, focused, and determined, I did not know how I would get there; I just knew I would make it. I believed.” The founder and CEO of Virago Skin & Body Studio, Jennifer Carrasco, has used all the ups, and especially all the downs, from her life to get where she is today. “Somewhere between growing up and doing the right thing, I started my career.”

She was married at 19, had a child at 21, was divorced at 23, and claimed bankruptcy twice. Jennifer Carrasco knew she could only go up when she reclaimed her career as an entrepreneur. Exploring the world of skincare, she founded Virago Skin & Body Studio, along with her V Skincare line, as a way to show the world that there are skin care products that will make you not only look good but feel good. “My due diligence was to create a line that worked with real ingredients backed by science,” Carrasco shares. On top of her work in the beauty care world, the California entrepreneur also found her way into the field of electrical contracting, proving to herself and others that she can succeed at whatever she puts her mind to. Further establishing her diverse talents, Carrasco also coaches and mentors in the fields of business with Ryan Stewman of Apex Entrepreneurs. 

Continuing her career as a coach, Carrasco has also recently begun working as a health and fitness coach. Many people do not feel comfortable in their skin, but Carrasco has worked hard to change their mindsets about their own self-worth and taught them how to be healthier. Yet again, another attribution to just how persistent and dedicated she is to not only her work but helping others along the way as well. 

You can follow Jennifer Carrasco on her Facebook and Instagram and learn more about her business pursuits on her website.

John Lyberg
John Lyberg
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