Jonathan Paul Smith is Storming Social Media with His Debut Album “Break-Free”

Music is a beautiful way to say even the saddest of things. It is through music an artist bares their soul to their listeners. With the rising popularity of social media, we’re seeing many musicians moving with the trends but also those who lose their relevance just like that. It takes something unique and truly inspiring to become timeless. Jonathan Paul Smith is one such artist who creates music from his heart and connects with his audience on a deeper level.  

The former stage performer transitioned to becoming a live streaming star during the pandemic. After experiencing the worst setback in his career when all his shows were postponed or canceled, Jonathan resorted to virtual media to reach his fans. In October 2020, he released his debut single “Times Will Change” on his YouTube channel Soulful Sound. Within a month of its release, the track garnered more than 2 million views and became a chart-topping song on Spotify. 

The success of “Times Will Change” gave Jonathan the boost he needed to restart his career through social media. Of course, he missed performing in front of a live audience, but that could not deter his spirit as he took to the stage and recorded his performances live. His next release, “The Sunshine,” in February 2021 took the internet by storm, making him an overnight YouTube music sensation.  

Currently, Jonathan is basking in the success of his debut album Break-Free, released in July 2021. It comprises unique musical tracks that offer contemporary cross-genre tunes in Jonathan’s distinctive style. He has combined the electrifying energy of rock with hip-hop and jazzy notes. The music is further enhanced by the use of natural sounds in the background. For instance, the transition from higher to more subtle notes is marked by the sound of breaking glass or the buzzing of a bee. This unique composition has led Break-Free to become a smashing hit across various social media platforms. 

The response to Break-Free surpassed his previous projects, reaching over 3.5 million views on his YouTube channel. The lyrics were another highlight of the album. Jonathan openly talks about real-world issues, like societal pressures that kill talent and ruin passion. The songs pretty much reflect Jonathan’s earlier struggles. He lived on the street to pursue his love for music without any support from his family. He worked after college to support his passion and never let societal norms destroy his talent. The songs in Break-Free instantly established a connection between Jonathan and the audience. Most struggling artists can relate to his music and thoughts. 

For Jonathan, Break-Free became a turning point in his career. With his songs trending on social media, offers kept pouring in from different corners of the world. This opened up a gateway of opportunities for Jonathan to scale up his career. He made some well-thought-out decisions to accept only some of the offers; specifically, those he felt would give his career the required boost. 

Jonathan has revealed on his social media handles his upcoming project with a renowned African artist. The date has yet to be announced for its release. Meanwhile, his fans are waiting with bated breath to be enthralled by Jonathan’s next viral hit.

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