Joseph Tenney Is Helping Numerous Veterans Improve Their Lives

Growing up in Cerro Gordo, Illinois, Joseph Tenney always had a desire to serve others. Upon graduation, Joseph Tenney enlisted in the Navy. He felt within his heart he could be doing more for others, so he attended networking events in order to improve himself. He started to rapidly grow in outreach and income and intuitively knew he could help veterans do the same. Joseph and his brother followed their intuition and created Mil2Millions. 

Originally, Mil2Millions started as a consulting service that was centered around educating veterans on the benefits they are entitled to upon separation. However, through joining communities and masterminds, Mil2Millions found the true value was in the networking. Now, Mil2Millions is being built to be the face of veteran entrepreneurship. The core mission is to connect veterans to opportunities to set them up for success as they transition to civilian life. They provide various services including educational products, networking, & investment opportunities. When you join Mil2Millions they will provide you with the correct resources, information, and connections to guarantee your success.

Mil2Millions takes great pride in having their community members succeed. It is a great transition for any veteran who is having trouble finding their purpose after their service. The most rewarding part of Joseph’s job is “seeing that light come on for someone. Knowing that the value being provided is crushing, limiting beliefs that they once had and opening their minds to new heights that will ultimately change their lives for the better.”

In the future, Joseph is striving to continue scaling Mil2Millions. He wants to positively impact as many veterans’ lives as possible. If you or anybody you know could benefit from working with Mil2Millions be sure to check out their website and Instagram.

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