KANARY Signs Two-Year JV Partnership With Spinnin’, a Warner Records Label

KANARY RECORDS, a prominent independent label, is making enormous waves in the dance music world after signing a two-year partnership with Warner Records label Spinnin Records. KANARY, which operates not only as a record label but also serves as a publishing company with a multimedia and fashion division, is the soon-to-rise brainchild of multi-platinum producer/DJ duo and brothers Alex Van den Hoef and Christopher Van den Hoef of DVBBS. The upcoming collaboration with Warner Records is poised to be a monumental venture within the passionate journey the brothers have pursued since childhood. KANARY is currently developing several artists, including ARKADE, BAD NONNO & DAYFIVE. 

Growing up, the Van den Hoef brothers immediately loved music. While their path toward becoming the incredibly successful artists they are today was fraught with challenges, they knew there was no other field for them. Playing in mostly punk and pop bands from the age of 12, the brothers transitioned into dance/electronic music production around 2012 and haven’t looked back. Together, they have performed at over a thousand shows and festivals, including Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, and Ultra, traveling and touring in more than 70 countries. The duo has ranked Top 20 in DJ MAG TOP 100 list multiple times, won the 2014 “Track of the Year” award from EMPO Awards, two nominations from Juno Awards, and were credited as the 2021 “Electronic Dance/Electronic Artist/Group or Duo of the Year” by Canadian Music Week — Indie Awards, among other notable accomplishments.

While making their original music has dominated a sizeable portion of their journey through the music industry, the upcoming collaboration with Warner Records garners the bulk of attention. The Van den Hoef brothers started the KANRAY label/publishing company to expand their passion for bringing even more exceptional music to the world, making people feel the emotions only music can draw upon. Where most in the industry follow trends in shallow attempts to stay relevant, the brothers always swam against the current, carving their path with the weighty knowledge that music is subjective. 

There is no right or wrong in expressing oneself through music, and this ideology has served the brothers well, effectively inspiring them to create KANARY to help like-minded artists share their talents and visions. KANARY is beyond excited to announce this development and begin moving forward into 2024 with the expansion of some of the best music execs in the business.

With over two billion streams already under their belt on joint releases in the past, KANARY is thrilled to expand forces and partner with upcoming artists already on their roster. These groups already have the full backing and will receive distribution through Spinnin Records — one of dance music’s biggest record labels, which also has the support of Warner Records. The brothers and CEOs of KANARY have been through almost every obstacle imaginable along their illustrious career thus far, navigating an industry filled with distractions, doubters, and gatekeepers, and have emerged into success unscathed. Their triumphs and coming partnership are direct results of steadfast work, passion, and the knowledge that it is all about making music that makes people feel in ways they otherwise would not.

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