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For decades now there has been a lively debate surrounding the natural vs artificial diamonds grown in labs. While people from earlier times swore by the authenticity of natural diamonds, Millennials and Gen Zs are increasingly preferring artificial diamonds which are more affordable and eco-friendly at the same time. ILANIS Bridal & Fine Jewellery is one such company that caters exclusively to this niche domain by offering artificial diamond jewelleries through the online medium. ILANIS Bridal & Fine Jewellery has built a name for itself by their extensive catalogue of artificial diamond jewelleries from engagement rings to anniversary gift and everything in between.

Ilanie, a certified Gemologist and Fashion Design graduate, is the proud owner of ILANIS Bridal & Fine Jewellery. She was born in Antwerp Belgium in the heart of the Jewellery & Diamond District, where her parents worked as Diamond Traders. Surrounded by their glistening light and natural beauty, she fell in love with diamonds at first sight. After graduating from college with a degree in fashion design and business management, she decided to study gemology and follow in her parents footsteps.

One of the fundamental aspects of the way ILANIS Bridal & Fine Jewellery operates is the personalized nature of their business. Ilanie ardently believes that buying diamonds is a profoundly personal experience and as such, she is always working towards ensuring her customers find exactly the right diamonds according to their taste and personality. This has proven to be one of the most unique ways in which they have been able to stand out among the other more established e-commerce diamond marketplaces. Ilanie is also very concerned about the environmental impacts of the global diamond industry. By exclusively offering eco-friendly artificial diamonds to private customers across the globe, she is trying to minimize the carbon footprint that would have otherwise existed with the proliferation of natural diamonds. Customer satisfaction and environmental impact are the two most important priorities of Ilanie in running her business. Ilanie’s ideas resonated with a lot of like-minded individuals and as a testament to her success, she was invited to the Donna Drake LIVE IT UP talks show that aired on CBS.

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