Molly Kidz TV’s Children Entertainer Molly Wellon Shares the Importance of a Smile

Since time immemorial, smiling has been associated mainly with joy and happiness. It also has a significant impact on your emotional and mental wellbeing, helping improve your general physical health. Kids are known to be the greatest beneficiaries of smiles as it largely contributes to their growth. Studies reveal that most kids feel better when they are smiling, and so there is a need to keep them smiling. 

Kids entertainer Molly Wellon rightfully agrees with these sentiments and has dedicated her life to helping paint smiles on kids’ faces. Molly is a fun, friendly, and passionate children’s presenter and performer. Molly and the team have been working hard to create fun and interactive original children’s songs, along with some well-known classics too. She is a high-energy and engaging performer and will never fail to put a smile on any child’s face with her singing, dancing, and interactive performances.

Molly has a YouTube channel, Molly Kidz TV, performs on stage for kids, and helps learning and development while many kids have had to stay in during lockdowns. She made her children’s performance debut at Gloworm Festival 2021 and has recently presented for a children’s online learning platform. Her Molly Kidz TV has over 10K views on multiple YouTube videos with an amazing fan base. She has also been featured on Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.

Molly believes that a smile comes with numerous benefits, including making you happier. According to her, smiling not only communicates that you are happy but enhances your sense of happiness. This is backed by scientific research indicating that you release a chemical component, endorphin, that is responsible for making you happy when you smile. So, you don’t need to be extremely happy to smile; just paint on a smile, and happiness will come your way. 

Smiling is contagious, and Molly believes it’s the perfect tool for spreading happiness. Being a kid entertainer, Molly shares a first-hand experience of how someone smiling at you can easily influence you to smile. It is a life hack to spread positivity in your home, workplace, and community at large. In addition, a smile enhances physical and mental development, which is essential for social development. Like kids, adults can easily make friends simply by leveraging the power of a smile. This is because a smile draws you close to others and puts them at ease, as you appear more approachable and friendly. 

Stress is one of the monsters eating and affecting communities today. However, it’s not surprising to learn that a smile is the most effective remedy for anyone, including kids. Molly wants you to embrace smiling to get you over the many pressures of life. You will also be helping others smile, contributing to a better world for everyone. 

Molly’s advice is to not be afraid to take risks and chase your dreams. Dreams belong to those who dare to act, so be bold enough to go after what you desire. More significantly, Molly wants you to help others smile in whatever field you are in. 

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