Music Is All I Have Ever Known and Loved, Says MB Longmoney

Whether singing, rapping, songwriting, producing music, or playing an instrument, all musicians spend a substantial amount of time perfecting their talent. After all, music is not only about skill, but also about emotions and freedom of expression. For a lot of people, music is nothing less than a spiritual experience. At times, music can feel mind-bending and move you in a manner nothing else can. Music, for MB Longmoney, is like the air he breathes. “Music is all I have ever known and loved,” he says when describing his passion and perspective on his art.

For MB Longmoney, music has been both a source to cool down as well as hype himself up. As someone who has been performing in the band since schooling, music has left a huge influence on the young singer’s life and he loves everything about it. In the view of MB Longmoney, his role as a lyricist and singer best represents him, his vision, and his talent. Having built a strong fan base and a following on and off social media, he firmly believes that songs should relate to a specific audience and lend a voice to those who don’t perform. Talent has the power to make a good singer, however, talent with a purpose and message creates a great artist, shares MB Longmoney.

Reminiscing about some of his earlier days in the music industry, MB Longmoney says, “During school and college, I spent endless hours in the practice room, performed live shows in the bars, restaurants, and malls, and gave countless stage appearances and radio performances across America, Asia, and Europe. These sessions, one after the other, and my zeal to better drove me to perform more passionately than the last and next, which in turn also helped me to express myself and have the mental discipline I needed. Looking back and the days at present, the music industry has evolved immensely, and thus, getting into producing digital music seemed interesting as well as the need of the hour. In my opinion, music, just like any other art form, needs to be continually practiced, learned, and developed with unwavering patience and commitment.” As for the future of MB Longmoney’s musical journey, he hopes to write his own music and perform globally as well as be able to show his skill to a larger pool of audience, over which, he has worked for many years!

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