Oakland based Bliss Mushrooms brings high quality psychedelic products mainstream

Bliss Mushrooms is a popular lab-tested psilocybin products provider company, based out of Oakland. By running a vertically integrated operation they are able to offer extremely high-quality psilocybin vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and Fairtrade products.

They have quickly established themselves as one of the psychedelics industry’s fastest-growing businesses, and they have plans to expand their selection of cutting-edge goods constantly. They also want to move beyond California with their wide range of products.

The company manufactures mushroom psychedelic edibles, recently decriminalized in the San Francisco Bay Areas. Magic Mushroom Chocolate, Cocoa De Menthe, Firecracker The Original Psychedelic Popping Candy, Scarlet Ruby Couverture, Holy Grail- High Dose Magic Mushroom and Bliss Micro Dose Capsules.

The products manufactured by Bliss Mushrooms are helpful in the treatment of various ailments like Depression, Anxiety (academic, general, or social), Bipolar Disorder, Procrastination, Psychosis, ADHD, PMS, improving athletic performance, and aiding in enhancing the creativity of the customers.

“We have introduced the concept of Microdosing to the customers. It involves taking one-tenth of the trip dose of a normal psychedelic drug. This amount is small and will not lead to hallucinations in customers. However, this amount is enough to sharpen the minds of the users. With Microdosing, one can increase the physical energy levels in their body, improve their stamina, take care of their emotional balances, and helps in better improvement,” said a spokesperson for Bliss Mushrooms.

This Microdosing technique effectively treats people with mood disorders in the long run. Using it once every three days is helpful for the body and does not lead to habit-formation in individuals.

The brand will also be introducing Bliss Clothing to its customers soon.

For more details, visit blissmushrooms.com.

For updates follow Bliss Mushrooms on Instagram and Twitter.

About Bliss Mushrooms

Luxury psychedelic firm Bliss Mushrooms is based in Oakland and is owned by its employees. In a relatively nascent psychedelic sector, vertically integrated Bliss Mushrooms offers extremely high-quality psilocybin products that are vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and Fairtrade. In a short time, they have quickly established themselves as one of the psychedelics industry’s fastest-growing businesses. They have plans to constantly expand their selection of cutting-edge goods.

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