Olga Nikoza – Regenerating Fashion Industry by Giving It a Sophisticated but Glamorous Touch

When it comes to appearances, personality, and aura, art and fashion go hand in hand. Fashion is symbolic, and trend changes are a part that follows along. It allows people to express themselves in a variety of ways. Fashion changes with time, and while moving into a new age, its trends are modified accordingly.

Fashion design is almost entirely controlled by cultural norms and has witnessed considerable alterations over time. It is defined by the creators of the latest and most appealing accessories as fashion designing involves a set of skills that range from market research and creativity to sketching and fabric selection. As a designer, one should have an artistic and creative personality and a unique sense of colors, tones, and shades. One also has to be able to work with different designs of fabrics and should know how to creatively use textiles.

Fashion designers have a good visual imagination and are able to think in three dimensions by putting their ideas into designing the apparel. Similarly, one of the finest and an emerging name in the fashion industry is that of Olga Nikoza.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Olga Nikoza is an up-and-coming fashion designer, best known for her resort wear fashion line which includes sophisticated swimwear, dresses, accessories, coverups, and jewelry. From a very young age, Nikoza had a great sense of designing and combined with the passion to excel in it, she learned sewing from her mother and grandmother. When she was little, she started practicing by making clothes for her dolls and classmates. After some time, knowing that she was ready to experiment, Nikoza began designing her own apparel.

Nikoza began her educational journey by admitting to Towson University, Maryland, and received a Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Communication. Later, she decided to embrace her fashion intuition by pursuing a career in the fashion industry. For this, she moved to New York with her husband and worked day in and day out to start her own fashion line under the name, ‘Nikoza’.

Nikoza is an emerging Miami fashion brand. Its inspiration is driven by nature and Nikoza uses vibrant and dramatic colors to bring life to her collection. According to Nikoza, Florida’s tropical weather provides an ideal setting for those who want to begin exploring their skills in fashion. She is inspired by the ever-changing colors of the oceans, sunsets, and tropical flowers that always give aesthetic blooming looks. Her inspiration is augmented by observing and absorbing the diverse people and cultures who walk the streets of Miami. She has set a butterfly as her brand logo, which has a deep and personal meaning for Nikoza, as for her, the butterfly represents freedom, elegance, and femininity.

When it comes to leadership style in fashion, Nikoza knows that it all boils down to one word – collaboration, because of this, she has surrounded herself with a talented group of people. As a fashion designer, she understands the responsibility to protect the environment, thus, her goal is to make all her materials and processes sustainable.

Phalaenopsis is the name of Nikoza’s upcoming collection, which was inspired by orchids and the vibrant colors of South Florida. She decided on the name of her collection from an orchid of the same name. Orchids appear frequently in her designs, on fabric prints, and as an accessory on her bathing suits. Nikoza recently designed and debuted her Phalaenopsis collection at the SLS Hotel by DCSW (DC Swim Week) and the Jungle Island by Royal Garden. Her bathing suits are made with an intricate 3D embroidery technique designed to look like orchids. Each print in this collection was created by Nikoza and bears her signature on the fabric, thus, this collection is not to be missed if one is looking for something completely unique and elegant.

During the pandemic when the majority of the industries were closed, Nikoza came to know the availability of a small family business in Greece, and in order to utilize her free time she reached out to them and started designing jewelry. To her luck, she felt jewelry was much easier to manufacture and ship during the pandemic, and that’s how her jewelry line was invented. Nikoza has achieved so much in the fashion industry through her hard work and out-of-the-box thinking. It is designers like Olga Nikoza, who give inspiration to people entering the fold of the fashion industry for the very first time.

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