Porridge Radio & Piglet Release Joint Single: “Let’s Not Fight!” & “Strong Enough”

Brighton band Porridge Radio has teamed up with Piglet, a new moniker from musician Charlie Loane of Great Dad, to release two new tracks entitled “Let’s Not Fight!” and “Strong Enough”.

The tracks are the latest release from the Secretly Canadian signees in Porridge Radio, who are on a roll after the 2020 release of their critically acclaimed sophomore LP, Every Bad. In between the release of their last full-length and today’s singles, Porridge Radio’s recent releases have included the singles “7 Seconds” and “Good For You”, as well as their original Christmas song “The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas)”.

In a statement accompanying their joint songs, Porridge Radio lead singer and guitarist Dana Margolin said, “Piglet is one of my favourite artists. I remember the first time I saw Charlie fronting his other band, Great Dad, and just being completely blown away and entranced by his songs and the way he was performing them.” Margolin continued, “Writing together felt great, and I really loved the whole process and bouncing off of each other’s ideas. Something that Charlie really gets is emotional intensity and I am so glad we could be intense as hell together on these tracks.”

Charlie Loane’s last release came in the form of his band Great Dad’s self-titled debut. Check out the new tracks from Porridge Radio and Piglet below.

John Lyberg
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