Presidentrj Speaks Truth On New Single “How Can I Trust”

Presidentrj is on the rise out of California.

Residing in sunny Los Angeles, California, Presidentrj has been earning his stripes in the music industry for some time now. While his true beginnings in music started years before, Presidentrj made his debut to all streaming platforms in 2020.

Photo Courtesy of Presidentrj

He quickly gained attention from fans around him, speaking truth into his lyrics. Presidentrj focuses on letting others walk in his shoes. Being in the streets and known as “The Street Priest” has led rj down a path of violence, guns, and more. His mission is to bring light to the situations he, along with many others, see every day.

Official visual for “How Can I Trust” by Presidentrj

On “How Can I Trust”, Presidentrj attacks the system he has become accustomed to. Talking about how he finds it hard to trust others around him. “Calling my brother who is setting me up.” The system is killing my “N****”.  It’s a dirty game in the streets, but is worth the struggle for some people as they keep their eyes on riches. 

Presidentrj shows how he has tightened his circle, left some people behind, all in pursuit of a better life for himself and those around him.

Listen to “How Can I Trust” below:

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