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Self-Made Real Estate Investor Andrew Glisson Shares His Journey

Real estate is an industry that entails the purchase, sale, management, or acquisition of real estate holdings. Launching a real estate investment company can be challenging, but with the appropriate planning, the effort will be well worth it. The best part is that many resources are available on small company systems that can make learning quicker and more effective.

You will undoubtedly come across many other market information sources but do your research first. It’s also imperative to assess and rank your future plans. Thinking carefully about your financial, technical, and individual ambitions is necessary because they will affect how you launch and grow your property investment company.

Successful businessman and real estate investor Andrew Glisson shares an inspiring journey of rising from the bottom to own and run a multi-million dollar real estate company. Andrew is renowned for purchasing highly distressed single-family homes and duplexes, restoring them to high quality, and then leasing them out. He founded the prestigious real estate company Neighborhood Revival. Neighborhood Revival is known for its high-quality homes with all the latest conveniences that share proximity to other top city amenities. Andrew, an expert in his field, has revolutionized the company by utilizing his broad expertise to deliver unrivaled real estate properties accompanied by simple utility management.

Andrew’s interest and passion for real estate led him to invest heavily in resources. He wanted to learn and master industry dynamics to manage his own properties. According to him, it was challenging to identify the right property management partner, so in his words “I created a property management company to manage all our homes because I don’t trust anyone to take care of my homes the way I would,” Andrew explains.

Starting your own brand can be demanding with many challenges, and Andrew has faced this first-hand. He has encountered many difficulties and obstacles. His greatest obstacle was teaching contractors how to perform high-quality work to his level of expectation. Quality is critical, and most “flippers” don’t care about it. Working with experts who lack integrity compels him to take more time on each assignment to complete it correctly. Andrew makes significant investments in onboarding new team members to ensure that only the best talent is used.

Andrew has developed a system that enables him to purchase 50 to 70 homes annually, refurbish them to high quality, and lease up with tenants, and effectively service existing tenants, with only two full-time employees. This is evidence of how he uses technology to outperform everyone else in the sector. Additionally, he has created a simple and distinctive remodeling method that is easy to teach and replicate. He has done this while collaborating with other investors and business people who share his views. Andrew has earned recognition as a Houston Top 30 Under 30 entrepreneur and served on various non-profit and municipal boards. He is now focused on growing and expanding his real estate business and gaining entry into other countries. His goal is to save more neighborhoods and bring more people along for the ride.

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