Social Media Influencer Nae Jordan & Her Self Titled Mens Boxer Line

A lot of today’s biggest clothing brands can thank social media for their presence online. Many of the brands we know and love have had a huge push from social media. It has never been more popular or important to team with influencers that can push a certain brand to their following.

One clothing brand on the rise right now is social media influencer Nae Jordan’s mens boxer called Nae Jordan. Jordan originally planned on releasing clothes that catered to women, but switch up her game plan once she realized that most of her engaged followers were men. “As my social media following grew I realized most of the people that engaged with me were men,” said Jordan. “So this only made sense to start Nae Jordan as a men’s boxer briefs line.”

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Nae Jordan’s Mens Boxer Line

Nae Jordan says the most rewarding part of starting her brand has been her supporter’s reaction to her new endeavor. “The most rewarding part of my job is receiving positive reviews from my customers,” explained Jordan. “It is also rewarding to receive messages from my supporters, who have been with me from the beginning, sharing that my journey has inspired them to continue on their path. This motivates me to keep going, sharing my wins and failures.”

The brand aims to be “comfortable and sexy”. Jordan’s prelaunch sold out in one day, giving hope to the future of the brand. Jordan says she only plans to expand from here.

Promotional video for Nae Jordan

“In 5 years, I envision Nae Jordan expanding its footprint in the online
market, as well as at least two bricks and mortar in the Los Angeles area
and our logo to be recognizable across the globe,” said Jordan. “In addition, I also see Nae Jordan, not just selling merchandise but reaching out and giving back
through my non profit organization that provides programming and services
to foster care youth and the homeless population.”

For more information on Nae Jordan and her line of mens boxers refer to the links below:

Instagram: @naejordan_

To shop Jordan’s look, visit her website her:

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