Tatu Panda shows us his evolution to a music artist with his single “Evolution”

Tatu Panda took the world by storm with his arrival. His new single” Evolution” announces his arrival to the music world. The song has been well received by the fans. It truly shows the growth and evolution of Tatu in music. We eagerly await more fantastic hits from him.

A tattoo artist by trade, Tatu Panda is extremely skilled at his art. He is able to create tattoos that are very realistic and lifelike. It’s almost like seeing a picture on your camera, except it’s on your body. This talent of expressing himself through another medium is something we see in his music. He showcases his knack for creating music through his works and it shines through in the new single “Evolution”.

“Evolution” sets Tatu apart from the newcomers. Although he himself is a newcomer, listening to his music you wouldn’t be able to tell that fact apart. His music shows great depth and careful structuring something that fans seem to enjoy.

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