The Inspiration and Drive of Alex Rodriguez aka ItsAlexHype

Better known by his handle ItsAlexHype, Alex Rodriguez moved to South Florida at a young age from New Jersey. The scenic spots, ideal for content production, and the close proximity to major social events has allowed Alex to effectively network. It is a hotspot for tourism and meeting influencers, an opportunity that he has capitalized on. He currently invests in stocks, NFT’s, and cryptocurrencies while creating TikTok content and working with the large social media network Simple Media (ADS) to help artists, influencers, and upcoming talent get noticed.

In a personal interview, Alex spoke about those who motivate him. He says, “One entrepreneur that inspires me a lot is Gary Vee, due to his character and persistence. I believe that is what being a successful entrepreneur is about. One specific tip I have taken from Gary is to focus on a project and watching it flourish instead of starting many small ones.” The reality of today’s on-demand culture makes it easy to jump from one interest to the next. Alex has found success in staying up to date on what he is interested in and knowing when to take a risk.

Surprisingly, he also credits XXXtentacion with inspiring his drive. Alex explains, “Mr. Onfroy was such a talented young man who rose to fame quickly and had a huge following while being alive. I believe this was due to his authenticity and integrity, which is something that I try and replicate whenever I am communicating with others. During his life, XXXtentaction was able to build a legacy, and he did not grow up too far from me. He was not only an inspirational person due to his unique style of music, but he also would show up to neighborhood parks and public events to meet fans.”

Finally, Alex (ItsAlexHype) related how his audience keeps him going. “I would just like to remind you all, yet again, that I appreciate you all so much. Without your continuous support throughout this large adventure I call life, I would not be the person I am today. Despite when and how you found me, thank you for rocking with me and sticking by. I am so grateful to be in the position that I am in right now, and I have a lot planned.

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