The Reup Apparel Is Ready To Make Waves In 2023

As we get ready to wrap up the year, The Reup Apparel has managed to make its way into the spotlight of up and coming brands to look out for in 2023 and beyond. Solely designed and owned by small-town native Desmond Beaulah of Columbus GA, The Reup Apparel gives you urban streetwear with a message designed for the money makers, hustlers, and go-getters from all walks of life. An example would be his “Power in Growth” t-shirt which features an AK-style rifle made out of bud to symbolize how there is a lot of power to be gained within one’s growth. That’s deep when you really look at the meaning behind it! The Reup Apparel is gradually gaining reach and popularity from state to state including here in California and also in a couple of other countries which is fitting because of the brand’s slogan “THE REUP WORLDWIDE” as well as its signature logo featuring the British pound currency symbol. We’re expecting great things from the brand in 2023 from merch drops to charity work. If you plan on being in your bag next year you definitely should be on the lookout for The Reup Apparel!

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