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Effective listening is one of Jonas Muthoni’s greatest secrets that propelled him to exponential success, as it enabled him to become a master marketer. Since Jonas is the youngest child born to a single mother, he has a profound appreciation for the effort necessary to overcome adversity. Throughout his career, he has worked tirelessly to create lasting connections and to achieve creative excellence, which has catalyzed his rise to prominence.

In terms of making an impact and encouraging new start-ups to follow in his footsteps and succeed in their own ventures, there can be no greater combination than leadership and delivering best-in-class results, which is exactly what he does in his role as the Founder and CEO of Deviate Agency. “In order to create these results, your values are the number one key. “Be aware of them and build a team culture around them,” he advises.

As a result of Jonas’ ingenious hiring strategy, he is consistently wowing his clients, who are raving about his services. He explains his strategy in this way: “I want to create a culture in which my employees no longer view me as their boss but as a valuable member of their team.” By doing this, he has one of the most diverse teams in the world. The goal I wanted to accomplish was to hire people who were much smarter than me in order to improve my skills. I want to hire people who will be able to teach me something more than they will be able to teach me something new.”

A number of Jonas’ experiences are discussed in this episode of The Rhonda Swan Show, ranging from elaborating on the importance of business partnerships to the importance of having contracts and sharing some of his personal experiences. He also discusses how he was able to turn Deviate into a referral-based agency that generates all of its business from word of mouth.

On the basis of these four pillars, he was able to build his success upon:

1. Learning to live with some degree of fear is important, since it’s always going to be there.

2. This is not going to be an easy path. Therefore you must have perseverance. The possibilities of humanity are endless. It is simply about what price you are willing to give to get that potential, and what are the things that you are willing to give up that are more personal gratification.”

3. For an entrepreneur to succeed, he or she needs a team of people around them.

4. Energize yourself by:

a) Developing a competent team

b) Recognize the contributions of your team

c) Don’t undermine what you want most by being open to the outcomes!

d) Doing work you enjoy is essential. “If you love it, you will never not love a day of work in your life.”

5. Become well-versed in the techniques necessary to become a stellar leader: It’s necessary to take things slowly, get some guidance from an experienced person, put pride aside, absorb advice, and grow from the experience.

6. Use your special charisma and make your presence known: You’ll stand out from the crowd thanks to your unique vibe, so own it and use it to draw in your people.

The long-term SEO tactics and strategies that Jonas and his team use yield constant traffic to their clients’ respected websites by incorporating these pillars of wisdom. Leaders like Jonas are revolutionizing the industry by exposing the necessary stepping stones in current business models.

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