The Silvers – Redefining Pop Music by Blending Nostalgia and Innovation

“Pop music has greater power to change people and to affect people because it’s a universal language. You don’t have to understand music to understand the power of a pop song.”

Paul Epworth – An English Musician

As they say, “Without music, life is a mistake,” let’s rephrase it “Life is silent without pop music.” Pop music expresses complex emotions that cannot be articulated in words. It is the most famous music form for youngsters. But what is pop/rock music, and why has it become the beat of youth? Contradictory to traditional music, pop, and rock music is recorded by incorporating the latest technology using innovative and unique themes. It allows musicians and listeners to experience a range of music so no one gets bored.

Pop music initially rolled out around 50 years ago and is still relevant. So, whom to give credit for keeping the craze high? Pop Stars paved the path for many aspiring artists. The Beatles are considered one of the pioneers of pop/rock music; they are touted as the most influential Pop band of the 20th century. Inspired by the Beatles, the critically acclaimed The Silvers followed the steps of their mentors by creating novel pop music.

The Silvers is a California-based pop/rock music band focused on coining unique musical numbers with a solid Liverpudlian influence. The band was created in 2012 but had deep and tangled roots in the 1970s era. The founder, lead vocalist, songwriter, and bassist Mick Orton is a former Silver Laughter member that massively contributed to nurturing pop music in the USA. The band’s songs would always play on the radio and be appreciated by the fans. Silver Laughter toured Canada and America extensively from its base in Iowa until it broke apart. Silver Laughter issued two albums and three singles during their tenure.

Influenced by the Silver Laughter’s melodious songs, Mick Orton founded The Silvers. Since then, the band has released ten albums and numerous extended plays (Eps) under its label. Initially, The Silvers’ squad had Mick Orton on bass and keyboards, Tom Kelley on guitar, Glenn Stone on drums, and Ricky Zero on guitar. In 2017, during the recording of their album named PLAY!, a slight shift happened, and Drew Youngs replaced Ricky Zero. Besides being an exceptional guitarist, Youngs did a remarkable job in instrumentation for the album.

Later in 2019, after recording their other album RUSHMORE, Youngs was replaced by Dain Bedford-Pugh, and Glenn Stone, who was the drummer in the band, was replaced by Carl Upthegrove. Steve Farac joined the band on guitar, keyboards, and accordion. But after recording Back to Basics, Steve left the band, and now it is a three-piece group.

The Silvers have numerous singles and albums. Let’s first talk about their singles. In 2016, the band released their first single, “Keep on Believing.” The song became an instant hit giving The Silvers immense confidence. From 2016 to 2023, Mark Orton and his band delivered multiple singles, including “Boogie Blue,” “Looking Back,” “Stay with Me (This is the Place),” “Stand Up,” “Out of This World,” “Gravity,” “All for Nothing,” “Christmas Rock,” “You Know You Had It Coming” and their latest release “I’m Dancing… Again.”

The Silvers have released several albums too. Between the year 2016 to 2023, they released After the Laughter, End Of Summer EP, PLAY!, Another Summer EP, Soul Surrender, Summertime Sounds, RUSHMORE, Change Of Seasons, Back to Basics, Oceans, andtheir Mosaic EP is soon to be released.

The Silvers are everyone’s favorite, from young kids to millennials; everybody can relate to them. The Silvers probably are the only band with children-driven content. But how? They use animated videos to present their singles. For instance, in their series Silvers Surf City, the fishes and animals walk on the land and talk. It was meant to be a full-fledged kid’s show, even though they released four episodes. But then The Silvers dropped the idea and used the caricatures as their song’s videos. The band currently has a series of animated music videos for its songs and tunes that are determinedly rooted in 1960s pop-rock, and it is available on YouTube. The band’s “Who Do You Think You Are” is the featured song on the first episode of the group’s YouTube children’s series Silver’s Surf City.

Deeply connected to the 1970s, The Silvers perpetually create deep, thoughtful songs and entertaining videos, so how wouldn’t the world recognize them? In March, they received the Best Rock Song Award at Akademia Music Awards for “Out of This World.” In April 2022, The Silvers received Best Rock Album at Akademia Music Awards. They also won Best Rock Music Video at Akademia Music Awards in 2022. The Silvers received the Best Rock Song award for “You Know You Had It Coming” from Akademia Music in October 2022.

Let’s conclude on a hopeful note that the world will always enjoy the craze and dedication of Mick Orton and his band. They have a dedicated team of professionals with unique insight into pop/rock music and running successful campaigns for the music and entertainment sectors.

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