We’re certain about “Uncertain” Rapper Raymond Alan

Los Angeles rapper Raymond Alan is protecting his sound and fortifying it through diversity. His music is just as anthemic as it is calming, creating the perfect blend of groove, gentle, and gangsta. On his latest project “Uncertain” he delivers this blend at its highest form, putting him at the pinnacle of California hip hop. 

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Raymond Alan had all the influence of the greats on him. Still, he had to get his footing in the game from the ground up, getting a start watching his older brother record after school and following along in full pursuit. It was at this time that he developed the intriguing, deep rooted lyricism that he displays on his 2021 debut project “Uncertain”. Weaving between his clever rap inflection and his distinctive melodic singing tone, Raymond Alan delivers an album worthy of recognition from the vastness of the rap community. On early tracks like “TikTok” and “Off White”, he displays his talent for hit-making on industry level trap production. This is perfectly meshed with the smooth West Coast-inspired rhythms of later tracks on the project like the incredible three song run “Espy”, “In Case” and “Charm”.

With an already extensive reputation as a festival performer and opener for some of the biggest acts in the game, “Uncertain” is just one of many reasons we’re certain that Raymond Alan is next to blow from Los Angeles.

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