World-renowned Interior Designer is opening up shop in Los Angeles

The world of interior design is about to get a huge dose of style as Barrie Livingstone is looking to open up his new physical location in Los Angeles. It’s planned for a Fall 2022 launch and will feature the styles and designs that have made Barrie one of the most unique interior designers out there. 

Why open up shop? 

In a world where the digital has seemingly taken over how we shop and look for new items, some industries benefit from a physical location. No one wants to make a stylish, high-end purchase online without the ability to see what the product looks like. 

eCommerce, although an extremely useful tool, doesn’t showcase just how big something may be or visualize how specific pieces of furniture may look in your living room, den, or patio. 

Having this physical location will give people the chance not only to see how high quality the products themselves are but also give that naked eye approach to shopping. Barrie Livingstone does an excellent job of visualization and bringing together items that may not always, at first, seem to be the right mix. 

In addition, the physical location in Los Angeles will help to showcase the style, design expertise, and curation that Barrie Livingstone brings, not only with the items that he’s specifically selected but how he combines them with that expert eye he’s developed over the years.

Coming into the new Los Angeles shop will allow you to design the home of your dreams, as you’ll be greeted jovially by Barrie Livingstone himself in many cases, and a collaboration process can begin. This is where the real magic starts, as your brain’s visions and ideas start to come into reality.

This collaboration can also help you with how you envision your entire home to look like and whether that couch or side piece of furniture you love will be the right fit for the overall interior design. 

Why Barrie Livingstone?

What makes Barrie Livingstone himself stand out amongst the numerous interior designers out there? Barrie has been in the industry for a long time and has even made sure to study both sides of the design world. While his passion is in interior design, he has the business acumen and background of being a realtor himself. This allows him to understand how to design a home to sell and to maximize that offering price every time. 

He also has an educational background, where he continues to upskill himself with all the relevant theoretical and academic components. He has studied interior design and real estate dually at High Point University, then moved on to Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and rounded out his formal education with The Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale. 

So Barrie takes the theoretical, the practical, and the business side of interior design and combines it into his own unique styles and tastes that he lovingly references as House of Barrie. This has been represented on several television programs and competitions, where Barrie always seems to come out on top due to his infusion of experiences and styles. 

This has led him to become a legendary interior designer that pivots from luxurious homes to international hotel chains. Yet, Barrie’s approach is always the same, which always makes him so unique. He takes every single client of his, sees just how they live, and builds the design around that. This is, instead of trying to fit a design into a lifestyle, the lifestyle itself becomes the design. 

Barrie has also internationalized his brand and has had the opportunity and pleasure to get exposure to how the rest of the world would interpret his designs. While his shop will be in Los Angeles, he has been able to satisfy the tastes of the Middle East in Dubai and the Far East in Malaysia. 

He’s also expanded his design work to Miami and even down south to Mexico. Each new location is another stage of the growth and experiences that have formulated what is known as the House of Barrie today

The style to go with

The best part is that Barrie Livingstone doesn’t settle on just one or two styles. Instead, he works to encapsulate the moment that the client wants to capture and builds out from that core model. So whether it’s Contemporary or Modern, Mid-Century or Traditional, or something a bit along the lines of Tropical or Hacienda, Barrie Livingstone has you covered. But, of course, before you visit the site, you’re always able to see Barrie’s designs online and head over to the design style section. 

This is a great precursor as you begin your journey into the best interior design experience you can fathom, where you can get a taste of what style suits your needs and styles before seeing these items in the flesh. If it isn’t about a specific design but more about a particular type of branding, you can head over to the branding section of the site to see an up-to-date list of all the brands that Barrie works with. 

Remember that this list is updated frequently, and if there’s something that you see and like today, it’s always a good idea to contact the team ahead of time to secure the piece on the off chance the interior design team decides to work with a new brand. You will see right away that the brands all have the same thing in common, and that is luxurious quality. 

So regardless of what design you want to go with, or if you want to simply be inspired by what Barrie and the team have to say, you know that the items procured will be top tier every single time. 

In the end

Mark your calendars, and don’t hesitate to visit the store location in Los Angeles as soon as it’s ready. There’s a grand opening event for everyone, and it will be a great way to get inspired for your next interior design project. Keep in mind that working with Barrie Livingstone is always done best as a long-term commitment. 

So whether you’re looking to renovate your new home purchase or you want to take advantage of the real estate market and design to sell, Barrie will come up with a holistic plan that covers all of the areas and focuses on what your desired outcome is. 

We want you to know that with a physical store location, there’s always a place to come in and see what’s new in the interior design world and what additions you can include in your current setup. 

Also, understand that your feedback will be very important, as Barrie Livingston really does his best to accommodate all of his client’s needs while balancing his experiences with the latest trends. This way, you know now that there’s a solid base of operations in the LA area that will have a constantly fresh and rotating set of pieces for whatever your interior design needs will be.

We are happy to be sharing this announcement with you and cannot wait to see you inside our design shop, working with us on your next project. 

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