Ya Boy N.O.I.S. Is Making Magic Happen In LA

Originally from Danville, California, producer and artist Ya Boy N.O.I.S. has come a long way on his career path in the music industry. The artist began making music out of pure enjoyment, but has been able to turn his passion into a lasting career. The multi-platinum and Grammy award winning mix engineer spent sleepless nights in the studio, earning a name for himself in the end. 

Ya Boy N.O.I.S. got his foot in the door of the LA music scene after moving to LA post-graduation from college. The artist had always made plans to move to the City Of Angels, hoping to make a career out of his passion for music. He began paying his bills by working as a banker at Wells Fargo, but quickly transitioned into working as an Uber driver so he could work late night at the studio. He met Ricci Riera, a member of Produced by THC, a duo of producers who have worked with names like Kendrick Lamar and Nipsey Hustle. After having Riera as a banking client for over a year, Ya Boy N.O.I.S. decided to take his shot. He applied to become an intern at a local studio, working beside Riera and got the job. The gig was unpaid, but it gave N.O.I.S. the ability to dive deeper into the music industry. Eventually, Mixed By Ali took the young creative under his wing and the two began to put in work that would last a lifetime. 

The first album Mixed By Ali and Ya Boy N.O.I.S. worked on together was The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller. The duo also put in work on Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN, and did Victory Lap for Nispey Hustle among many other works in between. Ya Boy N.O.I.S. has put his own touch on some of the most important projects in hip hop today.

Ya Boy N.O.I.S.’s mantra NOIS stands for “No Obstacles In Sight”, a phrase that has a deeper meaning for the artist. “I told myself early that making it in music was always a “when” not an “if” for me, and I kinda tried to keep that same attitude since I was young,” explained N.O.I.S. “It was definitely a lot of times where I just couldn’t see the light. I’d say one of the hardest decisions I had to make was leaving the bank and all my sense of security behind to drive Uber and intern unpaid at the studio. That single leap of faith decision was going to make or break me and lucky for me everything just lined up as soon as I did it. I would wake up at 4am and drive Uber till like 11/12 and then spend the whole rest of the day at the stu. But all that sacrifice paid off.”

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