76th Street Is On A Lifelong Journey Of Success Through Sisterhood

Best friends Haley Gold & Spencer Bryant had no idea that meeting in the 5th grade lunchroom would turn into a career together. Yet their mutual love for singing and playing instruments brought them on a lifelong journey of writing songs and rocking shows as a duo. Ten plus years and millions of followers later, the world is getting accustomed to the incredible group known as 76th Street.

Spencer Bryant and Haley Gold never really had a chance of not knowing one another. They went to the same elementary school, liked the same things, and even grew up on opposite ends of the same Arizona street. In fact, their divine proximity was the inspiration for their joint stage name, 76th Street. Having a rare bond that most friends can only aspire to, the two began writing and performing music together in high school. By college the two were inseparable as sisters, becoming roommates at Arizona State University their freshman year. It was here at ASU that their marketing paid off and 76th Street became a popular campus band.

After college they continued to perform together, exploding in popularity on TikTok in 2020. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee and boasting over one million followers on the social media platform, 76th Street is using their newfound fame to spread their message of self-determination and love. Their latest single “Growing Season” displays their advancement as writers and also contains extraordinary vocal performances.

Add 76th Street to your Spotify playlists and follow the band on Instagram and TikTok for updates on new music.


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