A Decade in the Industry has Molded Chicago Rapper Gustavo Bands into an Artist with a Brand-New Sound

Starting at his grade school lunch table, Chicago native Bobby Ferguson has spent most of his life writing and recording music. By 7th grade, he and his friends had constructed their own homemade studio in a closet. When Ferguson turned 15, he knew that a career in music was the direction his life needed to head. Now known professionally as Gustavo Bands, Ferguson has made a name for himself in the Chicago rap scene – a name that has been relevant in the city now for over a decade.

“I always liked music and always imagined myself being the one on stage performing for thousands of people,” says Gustavo Bands. Over the years, the Chicago rapper has continued to grow as an artist and picked up new motivations along the way. Currently, Gustavo Bands shares his inspiration comes from the way his children look up to him. Like a superhero in his kids’ eyes, he works day and night to provide for them and maintain that image. As the years have passed since he began writing music, the motivations and inspirations have changed for Gustavo Bands, but they all have molded him into the artist and man he is today.

Most recently, Gustavo Bands released the track “Street Lights,” which once again has proven how his sound has evolved over his career. In 2022, the Chicago rapper is prepping the release of a trilogy of EPs. “Each project is different in its own way,” the rapper states. “I can’t really get into details on names and dates, but the first project should be releasing on January 1st.” Going through so much personal change over the years has created the artist that Bobby Ferguson has become today.

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