A New Sound Out Of Georgia: BL Lucky

When a brand-new artist finally breaks out and finds their way into the spotlight most people just think the artist began their career shortly before they gained enough traction to be noticed. Most of the time, the reality is a brand-new artist has already been at the grind for years before hand. This is true of rising hip hop artist BL Lucky.

Georgia native BL Lucky first began making music back in 2010. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that the MC started to take his craft seriously. He met one of his favorite artists just a week before watching him pass away. This experienced kicked BL Lucky into gear. “I always have been big on music, but I wanted to make my own music after meeting Soulja Slim a week before he passed away,” said Lucky.

Lucky’s path to his 2020 debut on all streaming platforms hasn’t been an easy one. He grew up in an area where youth can easily be dragged down the wrong path. “The most challenging thing I ever overcame in life was staying focused on my career growing up in low income areas of my city where it’s really easy to go down the wrong path,” said Lucky. “There is way more bad influences than good.”

Although Lucky has yet to release anything in the new year thus far, we can be sure new music is coming soon. The artist plans to release a new EP soon, and has bigger plans on the way as well. Lucky has already collaborated with some of hip hop’s biggest household names including super producer Zaytoven. 

The track record of solid collaborations brings up excitement among speculations of when the next release will come. 

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Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson, also known as his stage name Trust’n, has become deeply rooted in the world of Marketing and PR in recent years. After marketing his own hip-hop album Lapse to #12 on the iTunes charts, as well as becoming the youngest member of the Forbes Communications Council, Anderson founded his own company to provide artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses the same services he had to scratch and claw to find himself. At the young age of 22, he is currently making major contributions to help people around the world flourish in the global economy.

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