Mr. Tempo is Expanding His Successful Cantina Business to West Hollywood

Known as one of the most exciting food cities in America, Los Angeles, California is home to thousands of restaurants stretching across various categories of cuisine. Everything and anything that comes to mind for food is available in this landmark city and for a good reason. With beautiful weather year-round, LA has become a hotspot for new restaurants to emerge. Someone taking advantage of this fact is Jorge Cueva, who is known for his time in the restaurant industry.

On May 5th, Jorge Cueva, better known as “Mr. Tempo,” will take the leap of faith and expand his well-known restaurant “King and Queen Cantina” to Los Angeles, California. Located at 661 North Robertson Blvd, King and Queen Cantina is on one of the most visited streets in West Hollywood and hopes to attract customers from all around the area. Offering up menu item favorites such as Tinga Taquitos, Tuna Tostada, Pork Belly Bites, House Taco Selection, Tomahawk, there is no shortage of tasty choices on King and Queen Cantina’s menu. With choices like these, there is no wonder why Mr. Tempo has been successful in his ventures thus far.

“It’s one of the many openings we will be having throughout the year,” said Cueva, who is in talks with film producer Elie Samaha, with whom he plans to open at least 30 more restaurants in 2021. This year will be a major key for Mr. Tempo and the crew at King and Queen Cantina but expect nothing short of perfection. This is a big move for Cueva, and with no signs of slowing down, there is no telling how far he may go.

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