Align Your Cycle Pilates Event Hosted At The Santa Monica Proper Hotel – Features Hormone Health and Pilates Expert Bailey Brown

There’s nothing more LA than pilates, the Proper Hotel and a fitness journey that’s aligned with the female menstrual cycle. That being said, there’s nothing we love more than something so LA.

After suffering from weight gain, ongoing bloating, painful acne and mood disorders, fitness expert Bailey Brown understood that something in her life needed to change. That is when she began the holistic journey that would soon change her life. For months on end, Bailey sought out hormone and menstrual cycle education with an attempt to understand the workings of her body at a much deeper capacity—-this came after going from doctor to doctor with no solutions in hand. That was when Bailey was shocked to find out that women are often deprived of knowledge about the female body, and how different it can be to the bodies of their male counterparts. In order to fully grasp the workings of her body, Bailey Brown went on to become a hormone expert. Years later, she has become a leader in the fitness industry, validating female experiences and offering holistic solutions.

“I started to gain weight really quickly” shares Bailey. “Not only that, but my skin was breaking out, I was constantly bloated, and suffering from anxiety and mood swings. It felt like my body was fighting against me. It turned out I was suffering from various hormonal imbalances, making it nearly impossible to lose weight, no matter how hard I exercised, or how little I ate. I started to learn everything I could about women’s hormones and discovered cycle syncing” she adds. Then explaining that “as women, our hormones fluctuate each month, creating four phases of our cycle. In each phase different workouts are going to impact our bodies differently. When I started to change my workouts to the ones that would support my body in each phase of my cycle, and started to make nutrition and lifestyle changes that supported my hormones, it allowed me to find balance with my body and feel more connected to myself than ever before.”

With 580K followers on TikTok and 4.7 Million likes on TikTok, Bailey Brown is now recognized as the big sister we always wanted. Not only has she been adamant about making hormone and menstrual cycle education accessible on social media platforms, but she has gone above and beyond by launching the successful Align Your Cycle program. Align Your Cycle is a pilates program intended to follow one’s menstrual cycle phases, ensuring that women’s bodies are  moving according to what their bodies may need from them at a certain point in time. The program is paving the way for the fitness industry to, for the first time, consider the workings of the menstrual cycle when designing fitness guides for women. Align Your Cycle’s on-demand classes are separated into The Menstrual Phase, The Follicular Phase, The Ovulatory Phase and the Luteal Phase. Subscribers are first led to find the menstrual phase that they are currently in, then they are given background on what the phase entails for the body, and finally, they are supported with a series of workouts and nutritional advice that can help balance one’s hormones. This is seriously changing the fitness game for the better.

Despite being widely active on social media platforms and of course, on the iconic Align Your Cycle Website and App, Bailey Brown is a big advocate for human-contact and connection. That is why this November, the hormone expert and fitness pioneer took it upon herself to host a truly unforgettable event in LA. Joined by notable guests, including fitness, lifestyle and wellness editors, TV producers, influencers and even celebrities, the event was designed to be a safe-space that welcomed conversations about hormones, cycles and all-things wellness. Guests were greeted at the escapist Santa Monica Proper Hotel, where they could enjoy the breeze of the ocean while relaxing in the modern-chic, and plant-accentuated space. This relaxing atmosphere made for the perfect venue to host the main event, which was a 45 minute pilates class hosted by Bailey. In line with her innovative program, Bailey Brown led the thirty attendees through a dynamic pilates class designed to support women’s hormones in each phase of their cycle. After the class, Bailey made sure to support her guests with additional information on the holistic approach to fitness, while sharing her personal journey.

In addition to the picture-perfect venue views, alleviating pilates class and warm company, guests at the Align event were gifted with the Align Your Cycle signature water bottle, the Align all-white and empowering new activewear line, an Align journal, an Align tote bag, and other goodies provided by WelleCo, Arrae, Typology, Beauty Chef and Eating Evolve. Needless to say, this was an event to remember.

“I really wanted to bring together inspiring women in a way that would allow them to celebrate themselves as women, feel confident in their bodies, and leave feeling refreshed and energized” — Bailey Brown For more information on aligning your fitness journey to your menstrual cycle in order to live a balanced lifestyle, please visit, or follow Bailey Brown at

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