Amnads Introduces a Marketing App to Connect Brands & Influencers in the Middle East

The growing popularity of social media is drawing brands from all over the world to promote their products and services on these platforms. While this marketing strategy is a proven success, it has also made social media platforms a highly competitive space for new brands to find the spotlight. This is where influencer marketing is a game changer. Social media influencers already have a large follower base, making them apt marketing channels for brands. Amnads, a recently launched Saudi affiliate marketing app, acts as a bridge between influencers and brands to turn every marketing deal into a mutually beneficial relationship.

Amnads is a revolutionary app that blends the power of modern technology with the marketing potential of social media. The app was launched by an advertising and media agency of the same name based in Saudi Arabia. Amnads has been designed by a team of tech experts who felt that the randomness of influencer marketing in the Middle East needed a facelift. Launched at the beginning of 2022, Amnads is already making a mark on social media platforms by helping top brands collaborate with the most popular influencers in their particular niches.

So far, Amnads has worked with famous Middle East brands such as The Chefz,, Styli, and Flyin, and the list grows each passing day. The marketing app is harnessing the power of influencers and publishers to boost brand growth in a way that is helping both. Brands can join the platform to increase their sales and social media leads. Influencers and publishers can get attractive marketing and partnering deals from top brands to scale their incomes.

Signing up as a brand on the Amnads platform has several advantages. Brands will get immediate access to top influencers and active publishers from the Middle East across different niches. Brands can either pick the influencer they want to partner with or seek help from the Amnads team to find the most suitable influencer or publisher who matches their brand’s niche. This helps brands reach highly targeted audiences, amplifying brand growth and generating more sales.

Influencer marketing on Amnads is completely risk-free, and the agency ensures that each marketing campaign becomes a success. The team behind Amnads puts in a lot of effort to keep the client updated about the response of an ongoing social media marketing campaign. Amnads’ app also allows brands to monitor and manage their campaigns and announcements anywhere, anytime. This way, brands can schedule the deadline of a campaign too.

Influencers not only increase their income but also scale up their follower base through Amnads. They can choose the product or service they want to promote to their social media followers. Amnads guarantees payment, so transparency in the dealing is always a priority on this platform. Sometimes brands might use discounts to gain customers. Influencers have to share a discount code on their channels and earn a commission every time a purchase is made using that code. This way, influencers can also offer their followers a distinct online shopping experience. Amnads is changing the face of influencer marketing in the Middle East as the first of its kind platform. It seamlessly leverages the power of technology to revolutionize the social media ad market. The agency wants to continue connecting brands and publishers to facilitate mutual growth and looks forward to regulating the influencer marketing space in the Middle East.

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